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Zenitco Perst 4 Review Green & IR Laser

Ivan Tactical, distributor of the Zenitco Perst 4 Targeting system sent this Visible Green and IR Laser system out for review. I’ve had this laser for a while and have run it hard. Here is the IR Laser Review.

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  1. Is it safe to assume the the visible and IR lasers slaved being that there is only one set of elevation & windage adjustments? Did you notice any deviation between the two?

  2. Me and my friends where playing with my surefire x400ultra green laser when I first got it up at the cabin shining it across the lake and down in the water and then my friend says shine it in the sky and I just follow the beam up with my eyes and bam shined a plane I should have looked first. Luckily nothing came of it, although I did feel like an asshole. We are all quite certain we seen it hit the plane as it darted all around in front of and on it. Was one of those jackass moments for sure

  3. Good review 👍🏻 Recently we’ve translated the manual of Perst-4 into English, now they come with a manual in two languages. If you have one without translation, just ask for an English manual, we will send you one!

  4. Hi from north aurora il. I saw Trump scream out the2nd amendment rights yesterday in bayou country. I noticed the anti gun yahoos are quiet. To busy with impeachment stuff. Anyone think this interferance run going to help. Thanks

  5. I recently subscribed to you’re channel and I love all you’re content and support what you stand for
    But I’m afraid that with these Democrats want to take our 2nd amendment rights from us That I won’t be able to buy an ar15 I’m from Texas and I want you’re opinion on what Ar I should buy for myself being a first time gun owner something not to expensive but a good Ar15 at reasonable price Thanks keep it up man

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