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you can MINE the DRAGON EGG in Minecraft…?!

Mining the dragon egg & more neat Minecraft facts!
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  1. Idk how I didn't pick up on it while commentating the script, but I believe the fact about needing to build to the height limit in order to mine the dragon egg is wrong. I believe you just have to have 16+ block walls around the egg in all directions. Armand Guillet also asked if you can just surround the egg w/ water, which I hadn't thought of, and YES, you can. Sorry we didn't think of that for the video itself!

  2. “It does nothing” he says. “It is useless” he says. Apart from the fact of resurrecting the Ender Dragon to get loads more XP, he’s basically right.

  3. I finally started playing Minecraft again and this shows up lol awesome. Just a small little story now I went down into a cave and I was crouching to make a bridge across a lava pool to get some diamonds but I forgot I was crouching and tried to crouch again and fell .-.

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