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Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Huawei P30 Pro Speed Test – Can Xiaomi do it Again?

I compare boot, face unlock, fingerprint scanner, camera, app, and game speeds between the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Huawei P30 Pro. Which phone do you think will win? Can Xiaomi do it again?
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50 People reacted on this

  1. u are biased af toward p30… I ain't Mi fan or android in the matter of fact. Just looking for some perspective on some phones but seeing ur video and keep leaning towards P30 (seeing how stupid/bias u were) even tho it clears to me that mi9 is far superior to that hype p30 made me prefer mi9.

  2. In Bangladesh,

    Samsung Galaxy S10+
    price is: ৳ 99,990

    Huawei p30 pro price is: ৳ 89,999

    Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
    price is: ৳ 28,990

  3. My God you uploaded such with bias. From the very start, it already shown that your completely in favor to p30 . Such a trash video.

  4. When p30 pro unlock a little faster : definitely faster on the p30.

    When mi9 unlock first : pretty much neck to neck there..

    Unfollowing.. wait.. never followed to begin with..

  5. in terms of speed huawei 80% and xiaomi 87%, Overal , build quality , camera, battery, screen etc huawei 92% xiaomi 61%, Except speed, huawei is in way higher leage

  6. I put the speed setting of the video to 0.25 and a bunch of times you gave a point to P30 pro when the MI9 was actually faster…

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