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  1. thanks! I struggled with this and your video helped! I liked using the [Search] command to look for the (old) table name. I found I forgot to update one of the entries and was able to fix my issue.

  2. Hi Yuri,

    I have a similar problem but it for Editor, Author and so on. I cant access the dashboard. I get the insufficient permission message. I would appreciate your advice on resolving this.

  3. Excellent guide, Yuri! I have a similar problem only with a specific page in my dashboard, not the whole dashboard. I bought a theme which includes the plugin Visual Composer. When I click to button to activate the license of the plugin so that I can access their library I get the same error-message as you.
    I tried your solution and was able to recreate your error where I cannot access the Dashboard at all. Then solved it back by reversing the changes. But the error in my case only occurs with the site "/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vc-updater"

    I tried searching the database for "vc-updater" etc but couldn't find anything. Any idea? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  4. The examples of SQL queries I've used are universal for WordPress and can be found i.e. here:

  5. i changed table prefix to current. but i see in my database i have right prefixes. still the same problem as you. u dont hve permission on wp-admin/index.php. i will be rly gld if u can send a lil bit help at email madmajk2(gmail)

  6. Юрий, спасибо за видео!
    Полезно, но:
    К сожалению – не все видно, а именно – как Вы составили запрос и в какой момент он выполнился?
    а-а-а, увидел, что у Вас изменена 1 строка.
    А если нужно изменить несколько строк? В моем случае 11. Щелкать все по одной?

  7. I have installed Workpress. When I try to go to the URL (http://mydomain/folder/wp-login.php) this message appears: 403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. Thank you for any sugestions.

  8. Big thanks you for your help! Although it didn´t work for me exactly, you showed me which way I should go 🙂 In my case it was in table "wpp_options" and there I had the old prefix. When I changed it immediatelly it worked perfectly! GREAT JOB! Thank you very much!

  9. How to find out my old prefix on a localhost? You searched for re1le2 – but mine is obviously different. I cannot do much as I don't know what to search for, how to find my version of "re1le2"?? I created my website on LOCALHOST – with MAMP. On hostgator, the default wp_ prefix was changed years ago, hence the issue.  Thank you!

  10. Great video, I had a hard time figuring out the solution for this problem, I had a mess with database name, after changing table names, i was able to acces my website, thank a million!!

  11. Just did a manual #wordpress  install where I have limited access and this video helped. I have to remember to not get dependent on plugins for site migrations. 

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