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WordPress 5.0 Released – Don't Upgrade Now – Gutenberg & How to go back to Old version of WordPress

WordPress 5.0 is finally Released – But I would recommend you Guys not to Update it Now – I will also talk about Gutenberg and How to Disable it and use the Classic Text Editor, TwentyNineteen WordPress Theme & How to go back to Old version of WordPress or How to downgrade WordPress.

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  1. I was having version 5.2.3 and I am downgrading it to 5.2.2 but its been 15 minutes I am still waiting…
    Message displayed is : Update WordPress
    Downloading update from
    Please Advice !

  2. What do I do if the downgrade failed? It can't install whatever version I ask for. 🙁

    EDIT: I changed the language back to English UK before downgrading. It worked.

  3. Oh man that's the reason my website crashed due to fucking upgrade. I was thinking the plugin has slowed my site loading time. Very BadPress. Thinking to switch to Joomla. Thanks a lot.

  4. if you downgrade will you keep all the plugins and themes? Or will everything be deleted and do you start with a clean install of the downgraded wordpress version???

  5. Today is your the 5th of January and I have had to revert back to 4.9.8 as well….
    Thanks, you video was really helpful.
    It worked as advised. You are a star.

    PS: Unfortunately, I have had to revert back to the older version of WP – the 4.9. The new version – 5.0 added to my writing time and was making me loose my writing mojo – really driving me mad. Sorry, too early in the year to be mad but I had to share this.

    If you haven't updated to the 5.0, you may want to consider not updating, carefully.

  6. First: Thank you for this tutorial. However, I've tried to downgrade to the old version and I am not able to. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. I'm just not able to upload some pics to blogposts nor my library that's the main reason why I wanted to download given that I just upgraded

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