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WordPress 403 – Forbidden Access Is Denied Error Solutions

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WordPress 403 – Forbidden Access Is Denied Error Solutions

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WordPress 403 – Forbidden Access Is Denied is a frustrating error because it doesn’t tell you what the problem is and can have multiple causes. The only way to deal with it is to go through the possible causes and eliminate each as the cause of your problem. The first is a plugin conflict, the second is your .htaccess file and the third is your server file and folder permissions. Learn how to go through each of them step-by-step.

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  1. Hello! Very informative video! Thank you! Some visitors have complained that they get 403 forbidden error page and can't enter my site. I myself checked all links and work perfectly and can't test all these steps you mentioned at video as I don't face a problem… but others have… what should I do? I am losing lots of visitors and can't finger out what seems to be the problem… Please advise…:)

  2. Tried all 3 solutions and still have the 403 error. Oddly enough, it's only affecting my pdf file. All others work (jpeg., png, etc…). I uploaded the pdf file into the Media like the other files, but if I enter it and select the URL link (copy and paste URL into browser), it goes straight to the 403 error. "It appears you don't have
    permission to access this page.

    403 Error. Forbidden."

  3. I went through all of this and none of those worked, turned out I just need to reinstall wordpress on my domain ( took me like 2 hours to figure that out xD). But never the less it is a very well done video and I learned a lot :)!

  4. Hi! I recently created a subdomain to replace the main domain of my website. The site was successfully migrated over but now I could not login to my wordpress account. Follow the steps to change password in "database" under cpanel, but still can't login. I also can't request new password cos its says "This page could not be found! We are sorry. But the page you are looking for is not available. Perhaps you can try a new search.". Can someone help me out? Thanks.

  5. Hi, i cant access the dashboard to deactivate the plugins, what i did i went to cpanle and changed the plugins file name but still get this problem 403, then i want to desactivate ".htaccess" or even edit it because there is a line include something on it (deny from all) i think this is what cuz the problem, but they give me this message "FileOp Failure on: /home/essaouir/public_html/.htaccess: Operation not permitted"
    Is there any way to access dashboard from Cpanel or somthing else?
    How i can change .htaccess without give give me the message?

  6. Thanks you are great I watch your videos and I have to say one of the best wordpress videos on YouTube. Could you help me and tell me what could it be wrong , when sometimes gtmetrix gives sometimes not all the time , a forbidden 403 message . This happens in two servers I have in all my pages , sites are working thou . Strange :/

  7. I first tried the plugins, it was not that, then i tried turning .htaccess-off, but at the moment there are 2 .htaccess folders( one normal and one with .htaccess.old)
    When i put the one to .htaccess-off, I tried to load my site and got the error message' Result NOT FOUND THE REQUESTED URL/wp-login was not found on this server, additional a 404 not found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

  8. Love your videos. Find them very useful. I apologize for putting this message into this video, but figured since it was the newest,….you might see it. I have 3 questions about CF7 … it possible to put some type of "placeholder" tag inside of a dropdown menu to save space on a form? 2. Is there a way to make all the dropdowns the same size on the form? (some are short,…some are long) 3. How do designers create these images or containers of like an arrow seemingly drawn by a marker overlaid on a background image that points to a nice looking container(sometimes in the shape of a phone, a rectangular box, or whatever shape) as the container for the CF7? Is there an easy way to do that?

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