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  1. To whom ever you are, You are great, you're by far the best tutorial I've come across while searching. You're very clear & articulate with your explanations & demonstrations which was very important & helpful to me. I appreciate it very much. Keep up the great work.

  2. Re themes, does your document already have to be formatted with heading1, heading2 etc styles?  I have applied a theme to my document and it doesn't change anything.  I have opened an old document that already contains headings throughout and on this one the theme is applied and the headings changed automatically?  Because the Document Formatting group on the Design tab doesn't show what size each heading would change your text to, is it up to the user to keep selecting each one to see which one is suitable for which heading??  thanks.  Louise

  3. I had a nice comment all typed out and stupid youtube crashed my browser. Long story short, I need the banded theme, and i cant find any helpful resources. I see you have it.. how did you get it? PLEASE THANK YOU 🙂

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