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Wonderful Days | 참 좋은 시절 EP.30 [SUB:ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE]

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▶ Wonderful Days | 참 좋은 시절 EP.30
– Show time : MON-THU 24:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)
– Cast: Lee Seo Jin, Kim Hui Seon, Taec Yeon, Kim Ji Ho, Ryu Seung Soo

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  1. I agree with some commenters, it was not certain if haewon's dad was the drunk driver. Prosecutor-son could try to investigate. Haewon seems not really sure she wants to marry into this family. That pesky, intruder-dad is desperate.

    Wonderful days as English series title? Must be an incorrect translation.

  2. Haewon works my darn nerves!! Why did she even tell that man her father was the alleged culprit. I/we/she has seen no proof that her father caused the accident. All we have is the word of a murderous gangster and for some reason everyone has accepted his word as the gospel (sucking my teeth)!

  3. How does a man run away and try and come back 20+ yrs and think he has a right to be a father! I also think it is the bad man Mr Oh who was drunk driving and not Hawewon's dad. This show plot twists have me hooked and I bet I'm right! Lol!
    Also KBS please consider 2 episodes a day. Only because you don't do Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please I'm begging you!

  4. What a useless, shameless father, people like him are not father but baby factory. God bless my ❤️father and all amazing☺️, wonderful👍, sweet🌹 and lovely💞 fathers. U are the legend🙌😘

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