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  1. My headset has a peak around 4000hz that is just loud enough to be noticed. It has been eating away at my soul for a month. thank you.

  2. This did not work at all. All of the mixes sound no different. Do yourself a favor and do NOT install this program. Complete waste of time

  3. can someone pls help me I dont know why some people are not complaining that the sound is sometime getting eruptive?! I make most treble higher & some of the bass are 0. Im not sure if the "peak value meter" is causing the problem to me Ive notice the square in the right of "peak value meter" is color red. Is that okay & wont damage my motherboard speakers? & why my sound sometimes is getting eruptive???

  4. I am not a tchy but I can follow instructions all I see in this video is a cursor moving from here to there,no explination,complete waste of time,oh well onwards to better videos hopefully

  5. Could you please explain to me why do I have to install both?
    I'm the only user on laptop
    Fiio x17k (DAC)
    Audio Technica ath- mx50 (studio)


  6. Why do you download BOTH Equalizer programs? Can't you just install the Peace program by itself? BTW, the other Equalizer APO is VERY complicated for the layman user to figure out!!! Thanks for the video.

  7. Dash.. I just found this video and it just made a WORLD of difference! I use the Logitech C920 webcam which EVERYONE complains about the audio sound of the microphone.. but i found your video installed the APO and installed the Peace and adjust the EQ to filter out the low frequencies which cause the mic to sound terrible and NOW it sounds like a million bucks! – No Joke you should re tag this video or redo this video with something like "How to get GREAT sound out of your webcam microphone" bet your views go up super high!

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