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We Updated The Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Ever wanted a baby pet dragon?! Well, this Ender Dragon update will make your dream come true!

YouTube Channel Members will be able to download Ender Dragon Egg update tomorrow on Sunday the 24th!

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We updated the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft! Why? Well… it currently doesn’t do anything. Literally anything. Until Now! But you’ll need to face some interesting new challenges if you want to secure this new egg. But if you’re able to complete those challenges you’d be able to have yourself a baby pet dragon!

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✅ Map created by Miles Playz

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


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  1. you should make full armor, swords, shovels ect. and you should be able to tame the dragon and like ride/fly on it. and once you tamed it you should be able to color its collar and name it!

  2. why not add a few more nice things to that:
    1. you can ride the dragon and fly into the skies with it
    2. the dragon does not fly away when its adult and lay an egg you need two dragons to get one but you will find females or males in the wild for your dragon as partner so they can breed and you can make an army of dragons
    3. you can equip saddles on them but they are not needed but are like armor
    4. you can get different type of dragons depending on the blocks they hatched on! on ender blocks the dragon will be an ender dragon the strongest dragon! but has an rage mode where it might kill you to make it not too op

  3. add a sword that does 30 damage (not enchantable cuz thats too op) add the rest of the armor add tools that do twice as much as normal tools and add a saddle that requires 8 saddles and a dragon scale in the middle

  4. @Logdotzip What if you could make the rest of the dragon scale armor, make a sword, bow, and arrows too? Also, be able to ride the dragon, 'cause why not.

  5. – Different dragon elements
    – Riding Dragons
    – dragon breath attack (for either ride or player)
    – wearable dragons wings (jet pack like function)
    – horn helmet (thorn enchant and trailing fire particles and sprint attack ability)
    Just to name a few.

  6. You could have baby dragon to have fire breath and burn mobs.
    Also why dragon scale doesnt need that extra bonus. Just create an armor better than diamond is enough!
    And last add a 5% chance (if fed) that the dragon adult becomes friendly when grown and ride it.

  7. Or you could just…you know…install dragon mounts. Instead of getting a nearly useless chest plate (I say that because it’s still not as good as an eytra), you can get a proper ender dragon to ride around on

  8. Here’s a thing that you could make for it next vid:

    A auto house
    Recipe: 4 of any wood in the corners, then in the middle top a brick block,in the middle a glass pane or glass block then at the bottom middle any block that you want for the floor

  9. My son updated the latest snapshot on minecraft java (snapshot 5)… and the dragon egg AND nether resource packs both say they are made for an older version of minecraft. Why is this happening and how to we fix it? 😭 thanks!!

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