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We built Apple's new Mac Pro!

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Apple’s fastest Mac you can buy today is the iMac Pro, and ours is fully loaded – But we completely blow it away with specs akin to Apple’s fastest new Mac Pro!
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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High


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  1. why not bench mark test the computer with Android? I think the operating system makes a bigger difference than you think. and also you keep showing off Anthony's skills and a Billionaire might send a private jet for him

  2. just for the heck of it.. for those who would be googling this soon enough;
    – VMWare Player hackintosh: after osx setup completes..dbl install the VMtools after OSX install and your resolution will work, so will device sim for xcode purposes.
    dbl install means; install the tools, then allow past security(window will popup). .. reboot as it asks.. after reboot, another window will bark about security, so again, allow it past.. then after that nonsense.. re-install those tools. Then reboot. ..after that.. you'll get a warning at some point about the VMWare Daemon and security allowance… which should be the last nonsense for you. Allow the daemon access.. and then smile.. as your resolution will auto adjust(will work before daemon allowance..just wrote this quickly) to window size and your xcode attached device sims will work!
    – I know everyone going the VMWare player route will want that tidbit since 99%of the people end up googling..and the workarounds some people have created.are moronic.
    PEACE OOT![/canadian]

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