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Warcraft III DotA Warkey (Skills) Tutorial 2013

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36 People reacted on this

  1. after changing power key does it respond fast
    i have downloaded other warkey but when i change the power key
    it respond slow. does this warkey have such problem. let me know before i download

  2. this is custom SKILL hotkeys. is it possible to group heroes or units with a Letter key? for example "B" for blademaster or "Q" for blademaster? please let me know thanks!

  3. More specifically it happens only during invoker
    I checked it with keeper of the light during his ultimate the 5th and 6th skill get properly assigned as "D" and "F" but during invoker it is a bug

  4. Also the grid is correctly assigned while buying items from the shop
    Only during invoker skills it gives a problem
    Both 5th and 6th skill gets assigned with the key of grid 2,2 measn the 5th skill

  5. i actually checked wat the exact problem is:
    Whichever key i assign to the 2,2 grid gets assigned to the 2,3 grid also please help me solve this problem asap

  6. hey dude
    i am facing a problem my 5th and 6th skill both get assigned by the key wich was assigned to 5th skill
    even  though in the grid i assigned it properly
    please help asap

  7. I have problems with few heroes. Invoker spells: 1st is under G but 2nd should be D and it doesn't work. Ursa still has 2nd spell under V instead of W. Also new Aghanim heroes got ulty key messed up: Silencer doesn't work at all and AA is funny, sending ulty is under R, but activating is under T.

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