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Warcraft III DotA Warkey (Skills) Tutorial 2013

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36 People reacted on this

  1. after changing power key does it respond fast
    i have downloaded other warkey but when i change the power key
    it respond slow. does this warkey have such problem. let me know before i download

  2. updated and improved custom hotkeys are here

  3. this is custom SKILL hotkeys. is it possible to group heroes or units with a Letter key? for example "B" for blademaster or "Q" for blademaster? please let me know thanks!

  4. dude my problem is im used to move camera using "wasd" and not arrow keys or mouse edging…using warkeys can we solve the problem? 🙂

  5. More specifically it happens only during invoker
    I checked it with keeper of the light during his ultimate the 5th and 6th skill get properly assigned as "D" and "F" but during invoker it is a bug

  6. Also the grid is correctly assigned while buying items from the shop
    Only during invoker skills it gives a problem
    Both 5th and 6th skill gets assigned with the key of grid 2,2 measn the 5th skill

  7. i actually checked wat the exact problem is:
    Whichever key i assign to the 2,2 grid gets assigned to the 2,3 grid also please help me solve this problem asap

  8. hey dude
    i am facing a problem my 5th and 6th skill both get assigned by the key wich was assigned to 5th skill
    even  though in the grid i assigned it properly
    please help asap

  9. I have problems with few heroes. Invoker spells: 1st is under G but 2nd should be D and it doesn't work. Ursa still has 2nd spell under V instead of W. Also new Aghanim heroes got ulty key messed up: Silencer doesn't work at all and AA is funny, sending ulty is under R, but activating is under T.

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