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Warcraft III DotA Warkey (Inventory) Tutorial 2013

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  1. Pls help me with macro keys, i get what to do with skills on right, but what is with this on left side skills hotkey and serial skill? What is that for, and how to use it??? THX

  2. INVOKER'S 1st element is the "Q" hotkey… just saying there is Q hotkeys… MY ADVICE? Play characters with seemingly the same hotkeys like: Zeus and Thrall or Mirana and Shaman (will work better with warkey that way)

  3. Whenever I play tinker. Or most heroes with blink dagger. It doesn't let me use it. (3 is my hot key for blink)

  4. I went to the new site ,download the file and when i extract the zip 
    i have virus problem,what's up?!?!?

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