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War of the Spark Limited Set Review: Green

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  1. So if they kill one of the creatures that you target with band together, does the other one still do damage? If so that's even better cuz it helps prevent blowouts when they remove one of your creatures you are using it on.

  2. I think Centaur Nurturer is only a C-. I wouldn't want it in most decks, and I'd only get excited about it in a Flyers deck where it's holding the ground game. Or where I doing some unwise splashing. But in your typical two-color GX deck, I would hope not to run it.

  3. you A grades don't mean a lot when they are all rares and you can only have one rare at a time in a pack. You aren't going to pick an A+ over an A-. Sure, there is the marginal case you get a foil rare AND they're both good, but I would appreciate it if there are more difference in the C level.

  4. my son and i draft every fnm and really enjoy your set reviews and draft videos. i wanted to ask what editing software do you use to make videos like these set reviews and top 10s (as opposed to streaming/gameplay videos)?

  5. If you are playing in paper or magic online (not phantom) you might be picking up finale of devastation regardless if its the best card in the pack. It's in some pretty elite company when it comes to cards that does what it does. Seeing someone Channel + FoD in Vintage cube for Emerakul is going to be one of the most ridiculous things you can do.

  6. I heartily disagree that Nissa is a "windmill slam" A. She's at least a B+ for sure, probably an A-. Not all decks can do much with her static, and her +1 is good but not windmill-worthy at all.

  7. You haven't mentioned loyalty counters when referring to proliferate and I am wondering if that is a mistake. I think it is a relevant ability for basically any deck in this limited since they will have some planeswalkers. In fact, the uncommon planeswalkers with only minus abilities get an enormous boost from proliferate.

  8. I REALLY hope arena has an option for proliferate to just auto target everything positive on your side, its gonna be a pain to individually pick everything with the amount of proliferate

  9. I look forward to playing arkbow, the discard is a bit painful but if you are throwing away a 1/1 or 2/2 in late game for x=6+ odds are good you will something better….and as you said there are very little artifacts so running removal or picking removal will be low priority for other players.

  10. At the moment I clicked on this Video it had exactly 1000 klicks and exactly 100 likes, 0 dislikes…. Satisfying.
    Also: Vivien is a straight up A for me, just because of her static ability which makes it so hard for enemies to attack. The rest is quite nice bonus.

  11. I think if you treat vivien as a 3 mana enchantment that gives your creature flash thats actually pretty solid on its own. I think in a normal set that probably would have nailed her a b in combination with her other upsides. But there are so many b's here in this set that relatively speaking im not even sure any more lol

  12. Vivien made constructed golari better dicard a with 4 mana or greater that is a permanent play and search for golari finebroker

    Not only that but you can maybe put a one of the new ressurection spells that also gives haste to then discard carnage tyrant preetty much sommon anything then pay to ressurect carnageand its at the very not terrible if u hit a create with explore to summon

    Please note u can discrard any card as long aa it has a converted mana cost and can use that cost to potentially summon something

  13. I'm a little bothered by your rating of the green finale. There are so many common and uncommon green mana ramp cards in this set that I think it is entirely possible to play the finale for full value, especially if you get lucky and pull nissa as well.

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