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War of the Spark Green Limited Set Review – The Mana Leek

Let’s take an in-depth look at every Green card in War of the Spark from a Draft and Sealed perspective!

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  1. i think with nissa the part you maybe misunderstood is that it isn't meant as ramp, its more that you can now use half of those six lands as creatures, and STILL have the same amount of mana essentially.

    What that means is that she'll have blockers without actually needing extra creatures, and new lands can be a viable creature, 0 mana 3/3 vig/haste that can tap for 2 g.

    I like this more than the usual nissa' ability like this, turning lands into bodies because you generally have to go mana short until you ult. but this one fixes that, by giving you flexible blockers, attackers and still keeping the mana available.

  2. You know, Vitu-Ghazi being animated by Nissa and being treated as a separate being named Vitu-Ghazi is really weird to me. Remember, Vitu-Ghazi is supposed to be the hub of the Selesnya world-soul Mat’Selesnya, and Trostani (the voice of Mat’Selesnya) is supposed to be part of it. Mat is clearly still a thing (she’s referenced in GRN flavor text) so…idk. 

    But gameplay-wise, you seem to have missed the fact Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi is an instant. That’s ridiculous, even if it doesn’t have trample.

    Otherwise, no real disagreements. Wow.

  3. as of War of the Spark, I will have about 15 or so boosters from War of the Spark and both Ravnica sets combined. That is all. And from that, I will build my standard deck for play at FNM (obviously, I will get a weak deck, but think I will have a fighting chance in the lower tiers against planeswalker decks and such)

    now, the philosophical question worth pondering over: seeing as I have a limited supply of cards, but play it in a constructed environment (FNM), is a limited set review or a standard set review most relevant to listen to? (from a philosophical stance that is. in reality, I listen to both and find this limited review series interesting. But , as already mentioned, I care not one bit for the letter grade each card gets in the end).

  4. I've been seeing so many people diss Planewide Celebration. For Limited, I absolutely agree with your assessment, but the Constructed community seems weirdly convinced that 7 mana is too much to pay in a rotation full of counters in the ramp color. It's baffling.

  5. I feel like you underestimate Vivien's Grizzly a bit. Draw smoothing is very nearly as good as drawing an extra card, when that card isn't relevant.

    This in regards to conversation. I agree with the C+ based on the unimpressive body and ability cost.

  6. At 30:00, I've never heard someone as thrilled as that for a sideboard card (concluded by "this is a strong, strong, strong… D+! Never put it in your main deck). Does wizards deliver exhilarating substance along with the preview cards?

  7. What have you done to me? When I checked out a number of the previews a few days ago I kept thinking how you would grade some of these cards and most of the time my predictions of your reasoning is correct. Yo- The vegetable, not t- Card WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?

    Thanks for the review! <3

  8. Please look into having a better sound set up that doesn't have your fan in the background the whole time! Though I'm not sure LRcast is much better with LSV sounding like he is sitting in an echo chamber…

  9. I agree that grades are less important than the discussions, especially when you debate for a half grade like B or B+. Yet, I think that when you are between two grades, you should end up with a clear decision, at least for yourself 🙂

    Basically, if D is scarcely playable, C is your bread and butter, B pushes you to that color and A is a bomb, the difference between C+ and B- is important for the draft. I think you should reach a conclusion on that level (for us and for you) even though your conclusion may be proven wrong given more or less time and experience with the format

  10. I think you’re underestimating Bloom Hulk slightly – like, I think it’s mid-B, a card you might consider first picking in a weaker pack. 4/4s for 4 are REALLY GOOD, it’s almost unarguably the best Vanilla Test statline, so they usually make it 2GG and/or Uncommon. This is at Common, it’s 3G, and it has an upside that’ll often get you a bit of value but makes it even more relevant as a later draw than most 4/4s are – and 4/4s are almost always relevant. Especially since pretty much all the green PWs not only are worth playing, but interact even more favorably with Proliferate than being a Planeswalker is at base.

    Remember Colossapede? That was literally a vanilla 5/5 for 5, but it was 4G and it was typically at least something you wanted one of if you didn’t have a better bomb. This is better and has an upside. I think it’s the real deal and you want to stock up on them.

  11. I disagree about your board stall analysis with Rhonas: it lets you enable trades and/or forces blocks in case of too large damage potential. Obv if it doubled con as well it would have mattered way more and I kinda agree with the B+ (although I'm afraid the god-ability might be veeeeery obnoxious and it could be A- for that alone) but yeah it may be more impactful on board stalls than you think.

    Also finale of devastation has a tiny but real chance of ending games in sealed.

  12. Arlinn goes very well in the proliferate deck, as you can proliferate both her and the wolves. Plus, if you give her one loyalty counter she can make 4 wolves. Only a buff in proliferate, but if you see her pack 2 or 3 and you are in proliferate deck you should pick her highly.

  13. I agree with her grade but I think you've missed the other part to Nissa's static ability. Yes, t5 is not when you want to be ramping, but that extra mana is now beneficial for mana sinks…see cards like Finale of Devastation or Merfolk Skydiver

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