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  1. Got to put this out there….. How can you put a radar out regarding food safety – particularly for the rolls?

    Street restaurants – pretty much if they are flat out busy I'm not too worried!

  2. Tell you this hidden VN ethos: Nước = Liquid/Water. It's either broth or Dipping sause that makes or breaks a VN dish.
    To foreigners: VN nation, to us: VNmese Water = Nước Viet Nam.
    Children piety to Mother as to Water (gentle, immense, original)

  3. Not a good idea to tour or visit in Vietnam now. Under communist’s corruption system, nothing is safe there, human life is not worth more than half of a dog. North Vietnamese AKA "Bac Ky Cho'" had killed 2 young men just because they stole a dog from a village and the authority communists ignored it. Poison foods are everywhere, you may eat fishes that fed with human waste, and city rats curry!.

    With unlimited border crossed no check points and no custom inspection at China borders, most of foods from Vietnam are chemical contaminated made – For example, poor people would boiled corns with discarded AA battery containing zinc, and manganese which shorter cooking time and make the corn look more attractive to buyers. Not like America, Vietnam communists’ systems have NO FDA, NO Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and NO Centers for Disease Control, etc. Therefore, Vietnamese restaurants would serve you port cooked from African swine fever
    pigs diseases. Especially cheap street foods, you have no ideas what you digested and don't be proud and live stream things that you don't know about its content and safety. North Vietnamese (Bac Ky Cho') grow vegetable like
    salad, cabbage etc,. and enriched the crop soil with human waste and it's their disgusting culture! And yet, Hospital filled with fake doctors, fake medicines are normal in Vietnam! Better pray for sickness when you're there. Vietnamese inhumane & evil behaviors were created by the jungle communist high rank officers filled with uneducated and fake degree, nepotism, brutality and evils roots.

    Under communism corruption system, unsafe streets and non-standard highways are common in the whole country, Truck/car drivers who are under influence of drugs, alcohol are normal and they have killed thousands of people daily, you could get kill anytime even you stop at and wait at the red traffic lights – Not mention gangsters fights with machetes and you may become a victim somehow! Don't ever try to motorbike a long distance. It's extremely dangerous and is NOT cool as you think!

    Pickpockets, thief’s, robberies, diseases are everywhere! When you arrived at the airport, your luggage could be cut a hole and steal those valuable inside it directly by the airport officers. You cannot complain or do anything because they (officers) are all thief starting from the TOP! Everything in VIETNAM are scams, faked, cheat, dangerous poisoning foods and cunning rib off sales and services from taxi, hotel, shopping to restaurants, etc.

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO TOUR OR VISIT VIETNAM – GO TO HONGKONG, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, Myanmar or JAPAN instead! As a result of brutal Jungle Vietcong Communist controls for 80 years, Vietnamese like zombies and Vietnam is a HELL ON EARTH and it’s NOT fun as you think – STAY AWAY FROM VN. It brings you disease, cancers, disappoints and anger or death in some cases. Mark my words!


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