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  1. being able to program doesn't equal the ability to magically be good at games, and even then playing a game on hard takes much longer to finish, this is about showing the way the game works NOT how challenging it is, PR people NEVER play games on hard, and a lot of those E3 demos you see the developers play? they enable god mode because games are sometimes unpredictable.

  2. It looked to me like "starfox adventures" combat, a.k.a. "only one guy attacks you at a time, while the others stand around aimlessly".
    If they fix that for the release (or this is just easy mode), then I will be very interested in this game.

  3. Well people also have different standards and some people would say that game with bad graphics is bad overall just because of graphics.

    Some would be fine with bad graphics and other don't even care… this is a beauty about gaming… its very flexible.

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