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  1. I still have one of those power cables at home. It hasn't degraded and become sticky, but that might be due to the fact that it's been in use for quite some time.

  2. Thanks for that guys…i have never seen a box fresh 20yr old Mac like that. I know you had a monitor in the background but you kept everything facing us, you even had to crane your necks around to see what was happening at times. Very unselfish..and classy…Peace.

  3. We had several of these in my elementary school in 1998 lol we had orange, green and a few ones in the Bondi Blue also the Macintosh boxy looking ones that we all played Oregon trail on 😂

  4. I had this video running but was alt tabbed in a game. I got their voices confused so fucking hard. Was 100% sure Marques was a nerdy white guy and Quinn was a black guy.

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