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TST Podcast #457 – Jonny Lieberman of MOTOR TREND

Jonny Lieberman is a senior editor at Motor Trend, and the host of Head2Head on Motor Trend TV. He just returned from the Pebble Beach Concours, and certainly has stories.

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  1. High recommend "Harry's Garage" recent Diablo review. Harry Metcalfe, ex EVO Magazine, really gets into the details. On another point, have not heard of any journalists driving the new Monza, Ferrari did let a collector video their test drive, the film is uploaded on The Car Guys channel.

  2. For perspective, at Autoclub Speedway my BMW 135i with 400whp would touch the 155 MPH limiter for a second before I had to brake for the banking. 181 is fast, but sounds totally plausible for a vehicle of that level. Guessing the 720S can exit the Playground at a higher speed than my no aero street tire car and then the power gap would carry the rest. Sounds like a lot of fun. Edit: 1:26:00

  3. Such a stupid business
    Oh you have a car and need a place to park it say? Well why don’t you park it here while I charge you because I’m Matt Farrah don’t you know who I am?

  4. Jonny Lieberman has honestly become my least favorite automotive journalist… in a setting like this he comes off well but if you’ve ever seen the way he acts at car events, or even the way he talks to his fans on Instagram, it’s really disappointing. His bit of celebrity has really gone to his head imo.

  5. I used to park my Supra next to a metallic orange Diablo SV 6.0 and red 328 GTS with Pinin Farina badge in the underground parking lot of my old place.

    Every time I went to my car, I spent like 5 minutes just admiring the cars before driving off to wherever I was going. lol

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