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TST Podcast #430 – Carlos Lago of Edmunds

Carlos Lago is a long-time journalist and very fast driver, who is good at the oversteers. He drove the new Supra, and has a lot of thoughts. He’s currently the Manager of Editorial Content at Edmunds.


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  1. Carlos Lago is one of my favorite voices in all of cardom! Smart, informed, calm, witty. I've loved basically everything he's been involved with!

  2. My issue is and always will be the Supra wasn't built in house and the BMW 2-series does it for similar if not less money and has a manual.
    I will give props to Toyota for making the Supra ride and having M2 performance, BMW seems to only make their M cars ride worse
    every generation.

    With that said if this new Supra motivates Nissan to make a new Z car… All is forgiven, I will forever love the Supra if that is the end result.
    Edit: In fairness to the Z it shares the platform the GT-R so clearly Nissan put the R&D work into the FM platform… It does need a refresh badly however.

  3. Formerly of MotorTrend.

    Last time I saw “Larlos Cago” was on episode 38of RoadKill, when he tried to drift a Viper against Freiburger and Finnegan and got butthurt after spinning it out.

  4. For the RAM video, you could do just an on-the-road VLOG with yourself and Hannah. It's clear everyone enjoys just the two of you bantering about anything and she doesn't really appear on the Podcast regularly. Just an idea 🙂

  5. I got a chance to get on a Delica in Sri Lanka. It was loud as hell and the turbo when they finally kicked in, it be like a jolt haha but it was a lot of fun but I wouldn't recommend long journeys though

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