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TST Podcast #430 – Carlos Lago of Edmunds

Carlos Lago is a long-time journalist and very fast driver, who is good at the oversteers. He drove the new Supra, and has a lot of thoughts. He’s currently the Manager of Editorial Content at Edmunds.


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  1. My issue is and always will be the Supra wasn't built in house and the BMW 2-series does it for similar if not less money and has a manual.
    I will give props to Toyota for making the Supra ride and having M2 performance, BMW seems to only make their M cars ride worse
    every generation.

    With that said if this new Supra motivates Nissan to make a new Z car… All is forgiven, I will forever love the Supra if that is the end result.
    Edit: In fairness to the Z it shares the platform the GT-R so clearly Nissan put the R&D work into the FM platform… It does need a refresh badly however.

  2. Formerly of MotorTrend.

    Last time I saw “Larlos Cago” was on episode 38of RoadKill, when he tried to drift a Viper against Freiburger and Finnegan and got butthurt after spinning it out.

  3. For the RAM video, you could do just an on-the-road VLOG with yourself and Hannah. It's clear everyone enjoys just the two of you bantering about anything and she doesn't really appear on the Podcast regularly. Just an idea 🙂

  4. I got a chance to get on a Delica in Sri Lanka. It was loud as hell and the turbo when they finally kicked in, it be like a jolt haha but it was a lot of fun but I wouldn't recommend long journeys though

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