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TST Podcast #429 – Matt and Zack! (Return of the Supra)

It’s a TST crew show. Matt and Zack debate the merits of the new (and old) Supra, talk about where it fits in the market, and why it isn’t an LC500. We also discuss off-roading, lake beds, drifting, Zack driving a rare Porsche RSR replica, and answer a TON of questions.

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  1. My 93 TT has 250k miles…BPU 440whp NO BAD SENSORS in 25 years, still on the twins. This BMW will never come close !!! My MK2 has 123406 and no bad sensors, problems. My MK2 has 144k and a BHG…racing a MKIV. Still no bad sensors. Your rebadged BMW is gonna be garbage.

  2. According to some sites such as HODINKEE, Rolexes are made largely by hand and not robots.
    Inside The Manufacture: Going Where Few Have Gone Before – Inside All Four Rolex Manufacturing Facilities

  3. the whole "if it doesn't sell as it we're gonna stop selling it completely" pisses me off even more with the auto only thing. so if people want the manual, they gotta buy the auto's to make sure toyota keeps making them and then buy another car when/if the manual is added? and what pisses me off even more is that they'll come out and say "see, this is why we don't make sports cars". well do it f*cking right! honestly it seams like a great car… every review I've seen people had nothing but good things to say about it. the only thing I hate about it is the auto only thing AND toyota's attitude about it. honestly I kinda want it to fail so toyota can eat sh*t, only draw back is that told you so line it'll give them about sports cars

  4. You guys are epic ..very wise ..loved answered many of my questions..I'd love a manual like everyone else but i have to say i see the point of the zf trans from a business stand point and most buyers useability …the Chris Harris comment excatly what I had in mind ….I just wish I would afford one some day….much respect & love from the tiny island of Bahrain..if you guys ever rind yourself at this part of the world I promise you a bit and a stories from our car culture…..keep up the good work!

  5. proof that owning a bunch of cars mean nothing . have you seen fan made moves? the love and respect that goes into it makes the creators of the original say w.t.f .

  6. My 1997T SUPRA 6 Spd has been bullet proof literally. Only exception being general maintenance. 196XXX miles and still pulling hard on stock turbo, BPU… 99% OEM engine . zero problems with ANY sensor

  7. Development cost of a new platform, engine, etc., certifying it all for homologation in multiple countries around the globe, including crash safety and emissions, this can run upwards of a Billion dollars. This is why development is done in iteration from previous designs, and why an all new platform/engine is shared between multiple manufacturers. If anyone thinks Toyota is going to drop even half a billion on a car that they are probably only expecting to sell a few thousand, maybe low 10's of thousands … do the math people. This is why Toyota works with Subaru, BMW, etc., to develop new stuff. Car development has gotten exponentially more expensive, and manufacturers do what they must to bring us products we would want to purchase.

  8. i did a inflation adjusted apple to apples $ comparison of the mk4 supra vs. mk5 as well as nsx1 vs. nsx2 on my instagram page. pretty interesting stuff. indeed the mk4 supra was insanely priced for the day. @carwatchcoffee

  9. Almost stock e90 335i owner here. I've got the N55 with BMWs PPK tune in it and about to tick over 95K miles. It's been mostly reliable, but I've had all the usual things go wrong: HPFP, thermostat, water pump, and window regulator.

    I love this car. Nothing for the money goes quite like it and sounds like it. Keeping it until it dies.

  10. I'm actually glad this has the iDrive system from the BMW. Anyone who has had a taste of Toyota's own infotainment systems of recency would know they are the epitome of "horribleness". And who cares if the font is Helvetica or Toyotika anyways – eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, feet on the pedals. Wish it had a manual though, and was priced, maybe 5k cheaper (on par with WRX STi)

  11. He's fucking up the podcast already hense matt with his catch himself 22 about tires of all thing's and if you give me some happy go lucky bullshit like if my friend calls me out then he's my friend and it's okay cuase that was nothing short of a dick move making you feel all self conscious lol

  12. 29:38 That's exactly what everyone thought and still thinks. We wanted a full size GT sports car, like every single supra has been in the past. With all the controversy in addition to how much better the FT-1 looks, it's easy to understand why people are upset.

    And the thing is, Toyota claims this may be the last internal combustion sports car they make, so the expense argument struggles to hold merit. You'd think if it's the last sports car your company is going to make, it would be a no expense spared project, to leave the world with one last very special car and cement the reputation of amazing work that the company can do, for the future.

    Toyota makes money hand over fist, and they could've afforded a loss if need be, to make something special. I'm not asking for a resurgence of every single sports car from their history, just for THIS ONE, you'd think it'd be worth the time to put in the extra effort. Especially if it's the last one you'll ever make, it's hardly going to be a recurring expense. Thing is, if everyone got to see Toyota make an extreme effort to come out with something truly special and unique, I can almost guarantee it would succeed, because quality speaks for itself, and it wouldn't be as bad of a financial loss as you might think.

     Are we really supposed to accept that the last sports car the company is going to make, the swan song for Toyota's performance heritage, is a parts-bin BMW? For fucks sake Toyota.

  13. People forget how expensive top end Japanese sports cars were in the 90s. Few people could afford hero cars like the FD RX7, Supra and NSX. They were rare. Toyota has done the right thing and bought the Supra in reach of many more buyers.

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