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TST Podcast #425 – THE (POST) WEDDING SHOW w/ Matt, Hanna, Zack, Thad, Vinny & Tim


We’re back from Matt’s wedding! We talk about the wedding, Matt’s wife joins us and tells us hilarious things about him, toilet paper mishaps, and we answer your questions.

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  1. 😄‼ f@#kin loved this episode🔥🔥🔥👌👍🤘 congrats on the wedding 👏✊✌(Those benz limo's 🙉😎🔥👌)

  2. "Casa de piatra!" from Romania, guys. Great to see Hanna back, she hasn't been on since that podcast with you in the shirt at night, I think. And that was super fun too 😀

  3. Hello Hannah nice to finally put a face to the name!
    Matt, Hannah is such a lovely person congrats and I wish you guys a wonderful life ahead! ☺

  4. Hanna needs to be more on the podcast. She is a natural performer and a funny person. That must have been one awesome wedding. Congrats to Matt and Hanna!

  5. I have unsubscribed because he doesn't drive the cars anymore that was the whole point he made the show and then went off the pointless podcast the person that drives the car is now lackluster stop watching the car reviews soon as he started watch the first couple episodes car reviews for this channel has died with the new person subscriber that has unsubscribed

  6. Huge congrats to yall. Caught the live while driving and now this is background at work. Also congrats to Vinny for being on Hoonigan with VF like a boss.

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