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TST #439: Michael Harley of

Michael Harley is the executive editor of Kelley Blue Book’s car review division. In the past he has written reviews for Autoblog, Autobytel, AutoWeek, and many more. We discuss the new Bentley GTC, Aston Martin, Turbo vs. NA Porsche’s on track, the Huracan Evo Matt has been driving, and the Vintage Electric bikes in the TST Garage!

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  1. Okay time for my standard educational comment on the Cw/Cd number: Its a Coefficient! What that means is, it does not represent the drag of a vehicle, it represents a value to calculate the drag of the shape with a bunch of other values. To get to the actual drag value you have to factor in the frontal area of the car. Imagine shining a light from directly in front onto the car, the size of the shadow it casts directly behind is that area. There are a bunch of other values to actually get to the drag in N but that is not the point. The point is: If for example a cla a gls and a semi truck all had a Cd of 0.35 the semi would have much greater drag because its frontal area is much bigger. SUVs with the same Cd value are still worse!!

  2. I hate to say it but most late model lambo guys I see, drive like a-holes. I see two here on a daily basis, backfiring on decel, weaving in/out of traffic on their way home to Coto and Dove Canyon.

  3. Will that trimmers battery go bad after 3 years? I remember my grandfather(s) old trimmers from the stone age that just worked.
    I can barely trim my beard in one go with my current trimmer as the battery drains extremely fast now after just 3 years.

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