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TST #438 – Lyn Woodward (Kelley Blue Book)

Lyn Woodward is an automotive journalist that has written for all the big mags, traveled the world, and has an amazing story about off-roading. She currently reviews cars for Kelley Blue Book’s YouTube channel.

Check out Lyn’s work on the KBB YouTube Channel:

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  1. Awesome guest! Any woman who can talk and laugh about taking a poop in a hole in the middle of a multi-day race… has made me a fan. Hilarious!

  2. Guys…..guys.

    Can we not eat into the microphone? It gets real fucking distracting trying to hear the story an all I can hear is eating mouth noise

  3. 2 unasked for thoughts:

    1. She damn fine.

    2. She can't listen to Michael Jackson, but proud of working for Nike. lolololol 😂🙄

  4. I had not heard of Lyn before this video, but I wish I had. She's awesome. Smart, quick on her feet, and totally on point. Can't wait to see her on a future TST podcast.

  5. I sincerely enjoyed this episode. I honestly didn’t know her before, but she seems super down to earth and there’s a great chemistry between you three !

  6. I think you need to give Steinhart some more credit than lumping it together with Parnis and the likes. Parnis are practically replica watches without the actually brand name.

    Steinharts are made in Germany with ETA 2824-2 movements and an unbelievable amount of quality for the price. Sapphire glass, ceramic bezel, gilted dial, solid endlinks, screwed links, machined clasp. All for under $500.

    Steinhart definitely deserves a second look from you but I agree 100% that Parnis is trash

  7. What an amazing lady, love this one! 😀 Hope she gets to drive lots of cool cars going forward! I wanna see more with this very nice lady! She's very good at this podcast thing, lots of great stories! 😀

  8. wow, this was very valuable. I am starting to write and review cars. Actually sitting here trying to come up with what to say about sounds like LicMaren… no guts to try drive/talk yet. Have met… well MATT, and Lieberman, and Shmee150 and yaddyadda people…. just not sure I can cut it. Luckily, I have a "day job". (famous last words). so, thanks for having her, and Kristen Lee, too.

  9. I really enjoyed this episode! Lyn is awesome. Chemistry is awesome. Topics were great (you addressed things really well without being overly cautious). Would love to see everyone on again.

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