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  1. I like IE, RH, Berserker Greaves, RC, PD, BT = over 1000 dmg per shot, and you're shooting 3 bullets at a time for crazy enemy team destruction!
    IE=huge crit dmg
    RH= 3x targets hit per shot means excellent wave clear and enemy team destruction if they are standing in a group
    BG=faster attack speed+movement speed
    RC=30% longer range than almost any other champion so you can hit them without them being able to touch you so you can kill them without even a scratch if you play it right
    PD=faster attack+movement speed+crit+600 shield at lvl 18. That's huge!
    BT=20% lifesteal+350 shield for crazy sustain once you're at max attack speed, especially with "W" active. The shield has no cooldown so as long as you keep attacking, it keeps refilling!

    BT+PD shields total 950 over your +2000 HP so you basically have 3000 HP effective, and if you're constantly attacking, the BT's 350 shield continually recharges so unless they can burst you with 3500 dmg in under 1sec they can't kill you before you kill enough of their team to mitigate their dmg enough to easily sustain over 100% HP the entire fight.

    This build works best against non-stun team comps. I've been against ChoGath+Garen+Ashe+2 randoms and I just jump into their group to slow them all, and target the ADC or whoever can stun first, then once you kill that guy it doesn't matter who you shoot next because you'll stay at 100% HP the rest of the fight with just auto-attacks running nonstop because you'll heal more than their combined DPS can dish out.

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  3. you are one of my favorites channels, you give such good advice, and deserve soooo much more subscribers. Not to mention you are good at every champ you play. I'm legit impressed.

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