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  1. i'm looking for a game that have the following:
    playstyle: like fable the lost chapter/ assassin creed/ shadow of war
    but you can still recruit and have bodyguard or army like total war warhammer 2
    there is one that is good(conquer blade) but its online n the developers r terrible

  2. this video made me sad because of bannerlord lol its coming march 2020 but it wont even be done itll be early access. its less sad though because outer worlds in 3 days!

  3. not bad video dont get me wrong but im so sick of games that havent came out yet because most of them are going to suck lets be honest most of the games we get hyped for because of the trailers turns out totally different when they come out i hate that this is the day in age we live in but lets just be honest with ourselves stop pre ordering shit you havent played stop buying stuff before its released thats what gives these companies the power to just say fuck it we got our money lets just release it and anything that comes in is profit and fuck the consumer for real lets put a stop to the bullshit bring back fully working products on release day like the ps1 days

  4. yeah I listen to you got to the division and talked about it like it was a match game the division was the premier number one shooter of the year regardless of what anybody thought about it when it come out and it was just the same for the sequel

  5. fuck dragon age + bioware, pirate all ur shit if its worth it sold out to pc culture etc and forgot the main demographic who made you cdpr seems to want my money with games like witcher

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