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Top 10 BEST Dating Simulation Games Ever

Be sure to check out the Video Game Characters we wanted to Romance but couldn’t!:

Who’s ready to get their digital swag on? For this list, we’ll be diving into that gloriously cheesy, extremely heartfelt, often cringy genre of video games known as dating sims. We’ll be taking into account the characters, stories, and the overall gameplay mechanics, and of course, the dating component must be a core feature, and not just something on the side!

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  1. Why do yall out DDLC but not Hunie pop. DDLC is good but it doesnt fulfill the role as a dating sim. The whole gig was the game making you think it was a dating sim. Hunie pop should've been on here

  2. I don't like when peapole say that persona are dating sim cause they're way more than just a dating sim
    It's like peapole don't Care of the excellent gameplay and excellent and symbolic story ( and thanks for the ddlc spoilers )

  3. shit list, the otome genre is dominated by female oriented games like amnesia, code realize, diabolik lovers, etc. and you didn't mention one.

  4. Mystic Messenger? Amnesia? Uta no Prince-sama? Hakuoki? I came into this list expecting a disaster but this is even more of a disaster than I could've imagined. Props for adding Hatoful Boyfriend though that's actually a pretty solid and unexpectedly good dating sim.

  5. This list is legit awful haha. Kamidori is not a dating sim but it is one of the greatest HRPG ever. And don't lie, you only put it on because of SSeth.

  6. I remember when I was yet a tender weeb of the age of 16. My hormones were crazy and I had just gotten this AMAZING thing called the high speed internet. So upon the suggestion of a friend I downloaded one of these "Dating sims" under the impression that there would be a lot of steamy, low res, anime SEX to be had. So I downloaded "Kanon" from Visual Key.
    By the time the vanilla sex scene actually DID appear, I kept trying to click through, with tears in my eyes saying "I need to see what happens OMG she deserves to be happy!"
    Moral of the story: Where's Kanon Todd?!

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