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To Infinity & Beyond… in Minecraft?!

Today, we reach “Infinity” blocks away in Minecraft!
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  1. If you go past infinitey you gone to the egde of existences nothing! Is left regular world will collapse and you will DIE💀 and computer will crash FOREVER

  2. but wait, if you go to infinity, does the game still let you move around in the same axis? Wouldn't you just get stuck with the axis being uncalculable, therefore stuck to some exact number? Or does it still let you move around?

  3. Did you know in MC 1.8 you can get to infinity in the vanilla game on the Y axis? Just spam this command: /tp @p ~ ~1E308 ~. Just note the game will crash after 1 second when you get there.

  4. By the way, a lot of Z Fighting when Ant Venom reach Infinity
    But what is Z Fighting?
    It's something in which two textures of the same kind overlap each other, creating a glitchy texture
    Hope you understood Z Fighting.

  5. The only other video game I ever played that went to infinity somehow was Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit. Download some crazy car that can go like 1000 MPH and crash into Hometown's city corner. You'll see your dot on the map zig zag all over the screen lol. By the time you finish, the top speed read in race results will say "inf." I've done this hundreds of times for entertainment, and this is how I destroyed my first computer lol.

  6. You was thinking that this breaks minecraft?If you put mouse sensitivity to HYPERSPEED! and you move your mouse in circles then you break the game so badly that in a 2010- computer the game crashes!

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