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  1. Ngẫm nghĩ mắc cười nhĩ?người Mỹ thấy tàu cộng 1 tỷ dân mà còn nghèo nên mở cửa bang giao cho đồng minh là các nước châu âu đem tiền của vào giúp cho tàu cộng giàu lên rồi đem hàng qua bán cho tàu cộng thay vì họ buôn bán với nhau cũng đc vậy?giờ nhận ra sai lầm thì cũng hơi muộn,muốn sửa chửa cũng gian nan.Hy vọng ông Trump sẽ làm hài lòng mọi người và xin ủng hộ,ok?

  2. They are the thieves and the gangsters – Can we trust them to look after our friends/ families and our country .
    They shoot at us ( a group of Vietnamese people -28 men and women ) at the sea in 1976 . Now , Today and at the presence, they allow The Chinese boats exploring our oils and gases within our territory , at the same spot where they were shooting at us 43 years ago . In January 1976 , I and friends , we set out to escape the communist by 20 m fishing boat , we departed at the " Ba Ria" near Vung Tau . When we nearly reached the international water ; The communist patrol boats were chasing at us with the shot guns , they yelled at us " turning around and going to inland " and then they were firing at us with the fired arm guns ; They kept shooting at us for more than 10 minutes . We had to keep going as quick as we can because this is a one-way trip ; to do or to die . Eventual we were out of the Vietnamese water , and be rescued by The international ship .
    The coward behavior, the tyrant and evil acts are the truly nature of the communist party – They are the gangsters and the thieves – they are not a government .
    Can we trust the thieves , the gangsters to look after our families and friends as well as our nation .
    Thank you – all my brothers and sisters . 17-07-2019

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