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The Sims 4 University GAMEPLAY Overview!

We’re playing through the day in the life of a university student in The Sims 4 Discover University! Including applying, enrolling, extracurricular activities, organisations, studying, going to classes and more!
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  1. seriously this pack wasn't worth money… new world is one I never visits, dorm living was frustrating, classes as rabbit holes BOOORING, even studying from home is really tiresome part of gameplay, I was at least hoping for active teacher career but NAAAHHHHH

  2. How do you angle the object just a little off kilter?? I use a ps4 and cannot figure it out. Also I don't know how to resize items.
    Been watching as while, love your videos!

  3. Ive never played sims 4 (sims 2 for life) but its funny how the "new" features are just sims 2 features. Like getting a roomie to help pay rent (sims 2 apartment life). Imagine if sims 4 first release had all the similar expansion packs already loaded in… including sims 2 university… and then the expansions for sims 4 were actually new ideas.

  4. When I press on my mailbox it does show University but when I press University on my Console it only shows Scholarships and it does * not * let me choose them…

  5. I'm catching this late but, did anyone notice that the city in this pack is almost one to one with the starting city in the Urbz gameboy advanced game? with some obvious changes here and there but, the main layout is almost spot on.

  6. Honestly im so disappointed with this pack. If you thought TS3 Uni was bad, this one is even worse, bc there are no active tasks and interesting lots to visit, like the ones in TS3. I feel like i have nothing to do on campus. TS3 and TS2 were so much better

  7. Lol just got my grades today and am graduating college by Jan.
    In a couple of years will go back to college for a 3rd time to get a degree in entrepreneurship
    Previous two were management and administration 😅

    So kinda put sims away to focus on school, work and more social stuff.

    Will get back to some sims plying during the holidays but I’m Yet to get this expansion!
    Will get this one and realm of magic as my personal Christmas gifts

  8. this game sucks man, this dlc is a shit, get to work was better, i didnt know why dont make a university life whitout you get in the class and interact with friends and professors….

    This really sucks…

  9. Very informative, thanks. I have never played University on any of the Sim versions and was wondering if it was something worth getting for the Sims 4. I guess what I really need to know, and thanks in advance for any reply, is whether all the "new expansion kinks" have been worked out. I have seriously not even opened my game after installing and playing Island Living a couple of times, due to all the problems with broken cc, etc.

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