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The New 2020 Toyota Supra Is Worth The Wait – (Track) One Take

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It’s finally here! After 25 years, the Toyota Supra is back! The all-new, ‘MKV’ Supra, which shares a powertrain, wheel track & width dimensions, and electronics with the all-new BMW Z4 Roadster, features a 3.0L Twin-Scroll Turbocharged ‘B58’ Inline Six, and weighs in at 3,390 lbs. With a starting price of just over $50,000 and a maxed-out MSRP under $60k, the Supra could slot nicely into the white space between the Pony Cars and Porsche’s, right where BMW’s M2 currently lives. Toyota was kind enough to provide Matt with loads of track time to learn the Supra and find its limits for this review.

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Toyota USA provided flights, hotel, meals, airport transfers, the vehicle, and plenty of race track time at Summit Point for this review.


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  1. Not 50/50 with that guy behind the wheel. Now we know where the over steer comes from. I bet the new TRD V6 Camry could out pace that 80% BMW.

  2. "And these are you stats and statistics" – damm son, we aren't just getting them stats, we're getting the whole friggin' STATISTICS bro, can't complain about that!! 😉

  3. Manual transmission will probably come with the 4yclinder they built, and that will be more affordable. They didn't count out many versions.

  4. It may be a great car but the execution is wrong. The Supra was a competitor to the NSX, Skyline GTR, and RX7. Toyota should have kept that rivalry in mind. The BMW partnership no longer bothers me. The damn thing just needs more POWAH.

  5. its gorgeous. better and more fluid looking at that ugly chinese knockoff of a supercar looking c8. too angular and to many lines on that car.

  6. You sounded like you had everything worked out before you even drove the car,very promotional,almost as if Supra handed you a script. Were you sponsored in this video,paid by Supra? I have always trusted your opinion until now.

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