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The Huracan “Sterrato” Safari Build – Gone Too Far? – Best of TST Podcast

Matt and Zack discuss the new functional concept from Lamborghini, a Safari build of a Huracan. It seems cool, but has it gone too far?

From TST Podcast Episode #434 – Matt & Zack
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  1. How would you insure that thing?
    I smacked a rock at rally-x that dented the living shit out of my rocker panel. What happens when you splinter a part of the chassis on your carbon monocoque rally Lambo?

  2. Why is Alex Roy an idiot? And the only thing I don't like around this car is the two light bars. They look like a pig snout. One solid light bar just under the hood line would have been better.

  3. Just need to make the tires bigger with the profile at 60 on the same size rims which will increase the overall diameter of the wheels and in turn give more ground clearance with another inch of lift in the suspension and it would be awesome.

  4. Hey I love you guys but calling other car enthusiasts like Alex 'idiots' for building something you might not like is not right. We need more love and less hate in this community ♥️

  5. I've been trying to get funding to build one of my designs that just so happens to be very similar to this for over 10 years. Now that Lamborghini has introduced what looks like photo shopped images it's the flavor of the month.

  6. Matt, your Porsche works well, but a Lamborghini??

    At least it can now handle a normal speedbump.

    If you wanted a Lambo, but lived off of a dirt road, heck ya. But other than a nice dirt road, ya right

    Now this one is promising. An Elise Safari build

  7. At 1:18 Saying "blah blah blah" repeatedly as you skim a website is horrible listening. But Zack has the knack. at 4:00 it actually came up again and proved the point. Good work.

  8. That's is not a rock crawling, river crossing, off road lambo. It's a "rally" lambo, that can take paved and most unpaved and gravel roads.
    Most important, a supercar that can go in and out a underground garages, or even make a U-turn, on a single road, going a bit on the shoulder, without destroying its underbelly.
    It is a silly concept, to find a bit of practicality on a impractical car, but the original one is already super silly, so.. no harms done.

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