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  1. I always imagined that he would be kinda like finnick as a person because he portrayed the character so well but he isn’t and being able to portray someone so different to you so perfectly shows a lot of acting talent

  2. Finnick has to be my favorite character in the whole series, while yes he’s very attractive, his backstory and origin story is so heartbreaking… even more heartbreaking when he dies in mockingjay.. I wish the films dove a little deeper into his story so his death in the movie could’ve been as sad as the book but Sam did a bomb ass job playing him, I couldn’t imagine a better Finnick

  3. When finnick died i really really cru because IS si coool , hé HELP all of the team but nobody HELP him katniss ,pita ans all IS bitch ,a fuckiiing biiiitch ,,😥😥😥n 2019 i'm really sad ,fiiinniiick waa dieeed😭😭😭😭

  4. He was my favourite character why did he died i hoped he was going to be Finnick Odair again in the next serie of hunger games
    I dont care if his name is Sam for me he will always be Finnick Odair😍😍😍

  5. sweet baby jesus… i'm not a slutty girl, i'm 22 and only slept with one guy in my life… but i would do him in a heartbeat, without even thinking about it twice hahaha

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