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Lightworker Chat Room –


Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Dr. Joe Dispenza –

Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? –

Who Needs Light? by Kathryn E. May –

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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –

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  1. We the Starseeds will endeavour to fulfill our duty to plant unconditional Love ❤️ in Gaia and humanity. Forgiveness, Mercy and Compassion to all our hidden traumas and triggers. Much Gratitude and Blessings and Appreciation to all benevolent spiritual beings and the presenter of this video. 🌟♥️🌟🙏🏼🌈🌏🌞🌼😊

  2. We should have gotten a heads up a long time ago. We have already earned it and should be lifted. We are not a sports team for the amusement of higher bodies. Lift the veil and spread the truth.

  3. Has anyone gone through the 'mind losing' experience? . I found it quite upsetting until I knew what it was. It's as though I have to stay firmly centred in the higher mind whilst the lower 3D mind goes  off on one!  It goes at rapid speed a bit like when the computer is updating – numbers and experiences flying past so that none are recognisable.  It is hard to not get into a panic and jump out of the high mind state but to let the process take place which usually lasts up to 45 mins. It is exhausting work and takes a lot of courage too. I read somewhere that AA.Michael says that it is part of the losing of the many layers of consciousness and that ultimately the 3D mind will no longer hold much information of any use for us.  I'm glad this is a slow process – I have enough trouble remembering to get bread – ha!

  4. EXCYTING HIS voice is beautyful . I got my ENGELcart ( it fel on its own ) saying /showing ::SPIRITUAL GROWTH . just wat I need /some asurens / I am readdy .I am steddy.ilp.💙🦋💜🦁

  5. The guy who wrote this threw in some low vibrational manipulation that doesn't resonate with me. We don't have to "earn" our way into heaven. Our bigger selves are already there and always have been. We don't have to jump through hoops of fire to get there either, just be our authentic selves of love and light and we'll be fine! Much love to you!

  6. Thank you Pol for your dedicate work to help us to raise our vibration. It is not easy task if you are surounded with unawakened people.Thank you Pleadians for strenghtening our fate and giving support!

  7. The perfect white light surrounds us now. Sealing out all negative thought, energy and EMOTION. I will let nothing but good and LOVE in through this wonderful light. I THANK THE HEAVENLY FATHER FOR HIS DIVINE AND PERFECT PROTECTION. 🌏🌎🌍🏹🏹🏹🎯🎯🎯I am the arrow that fit through the eye of the needle. I AM TRUTH. I WALK WITH THE LORD. I AM the EARTH .

  8. Hrart faiure
    Kidney failure
    Type II Diabetic
    I Flatline when my voltage is
    turned down or off
    Same with my amperage
    My pacemaker alarm keeps going off
    0010110 Paul

  9. is it possible that we still have attacs at night in our dream states ? I am dreaming about something unpleasent , not Earthy, and I feel it physically and emitionally. It is so real so I got cut up in it even during my day .
    Thank you for your messages Paul, they really help to keep going
    Another concern i have is about how we going to know what to do next and where to go to start with a new life and work? How will it happen? I live in the contry side, recently moved over here, Not many people met yet. Most of them retired.
    Just wonder.

  10. Awww my heart is jumping from the earth to the stars of JOYYYY when I hear all this beautiful Messages. Thank You so much. Namaste🌈💓🌞😇🙌😍 ((((💖)))🍃🌸🌎🌏🌍🌐🌈✨✨✨✨5:D✨✨✨✨🌠 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  11. I love this message, I AM THAT I AM, I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, I AM A MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING, I AM THE UNIVERSE, I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME. WE ARE ALL ONE!!!! Much love, light and blessings.

  12. 🥰🥰💗🤣😁🤩😫 what a beautiful uplifting message. I have undergone a profound shift this past week, was out in beautiful wild nature. I know the Plaeidians are close, and want to communicate and work with us. I am becoming more and starting to remember who my starbeing, Ashara is. Triggers are still getting pushed, ( I am getting better with it) especially with my males( husband and brother-in-law) who have invested so much in the 3D world, and still feel the male intellect is way superior than females, and won’t listen at all to me, because they have to be right.
    Love to all on this journey💖 I am so Blissed, but so exhausted!

  13. Ive been guided to step WAAAYYY out of my comfort zone and start a youtube channel to overcome some fears, clear my throat chakra and emit the frequency of truth. I needed to hear this message thank you for sharing!

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