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  1. An officialise Hackintosh might just be the last thing Apple wants to do. It would probably tarnish the style that they've built up as a closed, gated community.

  2. I see this going one of two ways.
    1) Apple offers a Mac Pro “Mini” with consumer grade hardware as you’ve talked about. Hardly anyone buys the regular Mac Pro because of its hardware choices and price, so it is discontinued (to the despair of the few who needed it)

    2) Apple doesn’t offer any Mac Pro with consumer grade hardware and as a result, very few people buy the current Mac Pro. Apple uses this as an excuse to say that nobody buys desktops anymore, the desktop lineup is discontinued, and we’re stuck with only iMacs again.

    Let’s hope the 1st option happens instead👍🏽

  3. The Mac Pro is for professionals, in this case people who do things like making movies in Hollywood. People with serious jobs who need that power. Needing to transcode some video these days does not a pro user make. To be fair we never had a huge number of GPU upgrade options even in the older Mac Pro which I still use btw. Apple is not encompassing YouTube content creators in this definition of Pro. The iMac or the MacBook Pro is probably going to do YouTubers fine for years to come. If it’s adequate transcoding 4K video now it will be adequate next year too.

  4. In terms of gaming:

    A 4K non- Apple display would be better since gaming in 4K is hard enough, most games need faster frame rate. Witch 60FPS on a 4K monitor would be hard… 5K would be harder sooooo… Maybe even 1080p over 5K.

  5. 99% of what you said went straight over my head but as someone who wishes for a Mac that takes him back to his beloved G4 dual 800 your proposal sounds wonderful. I have an iMac which I will most definitely not be replacing with another especially after having it repaired and being told that the current crop of iMac's are even more fragile; my options are reduced to a return to PC after 20 years a Mac user or a hackintosh of some description. Apple needs to sort itself out quickly or risk losing a large market of people like me (semiprofessional photographer) who need a machine with a little more oomph than the mini Mac, more upgradability than the iMac but definitely not as ridiculous as the new Mac Pro

  6. They should hire you for some ''Apple logical manager'' or something.
    Sometimes they just act like a little child. No! We don't want another iPhone SE!
    But people want it…
    No, we don't do 2k€ mac tower PC!
    But people want it…

    If there is a mac computer like you described… I would buy it. As a 2D/3D artist, I need something powerful. But.. I don't have 10k€ in my pocket. And what about companies. They need like 10… or maybe 20 great computers for their employees. So mac budget would be a company killer.

  7. No one is buying apple anymore anyways, even the isheep are questioning their purchase decisions, especially after seeing how Apple rips off the commercial industry with their useless hardware.

  8. I wish Apple would sell a new trash-can Mac with a desktop CPU and a gaming GPU. Upgradeable, to a point, but not upgradeable to the same level as the new Pro machine. I like the quiet design with a single cooling fan. I basically hate Apple but if they sold such a computer with an AMD Ryzen CPU I would buy it, even at Apple prices.

  9. This is what I think Apple should do. Start making industry standard desk top pc's. Stop with the proprietary garbage. Then take those industry standard parts and dress them up in a pretty Apple enclosure. Most people wouldn't know the difference because they never open up their pc's. Back in the day from the IIfx in 1990 to the Mac Pro's before the trashcan you could easily upgrade ram, gpu, drives etc….

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