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The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.

My initial review of the Pro Display XDR! Apple’s new 2019 Mac Pro is no doubt but I’m most excited for Apple’s Pro Display XDR which is a 32-inch 6K HDR Display that pack 1,000 nits of sustained brightness and rivals monitors up to $40,000. Yes, the $999 Apple stand sold separately is inarguably overpriced but even if Apple charged $5,999 and included the stand, it would be a great deal.
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  1. For once, when you say an apple product is underpriced. You may be right. Seemingly Pro level display tech for thousands less than other competitors. Think a lot of people were just blown away by the pricing but forget, this isn't a consumer level product. Same with the Mac Pro which tbf is pretty comparable to a windows machine with as close as you can get specs. Still though, their consumer level stuff is a bit overpriced.

  2. The design is not where it should be. Cheese grater vents are 'UGLY'. And why aren't the USB cable connectors centered? At least 1 should be centered, so if it's just connected to a Mac, you barely see the cord.

  3. At the end of the day, tons and tons of film making giants like Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, they'll be buying these, people in the music industry, YouTubers, and anyone in the professional film industry, they'll all be buying these for their features. Apple doesn't care if the people who aren't going to buy them in the first, make comments on the overpriced stand and what not, because at the end of the day, people will still buy them… So people need to grow up and stop trying to get likes and go with modern social standards 🌈 and just let them do sell it. It doesn't affect most people, it's not like they changed something, or made something worse, they just added another product, that will extremely benefit certain customers. If you don't like that, ignore it.

  4. Apple: It's $4999
    Me: okay your always expensive but ok why not
    Also Apple: The stand isn't included
    Me: So it's with the Vesa mount?
    Apple: no, its $299
    Me: So the Vesa and the Stand is $299
    Apple: No, the stand is $999
    Me: ._.

  5. Cant somebody rebuild the stand in a huge production selling it at a rate of 50-100$ ? I mean it doesnt have to be as good as apple's product it just has to be… well a stand.

  6. How much are Apple paying you for this bullshit? 😀 You know the thing that really pisses me off the most, is the fact that we have established this universally accepted standard called the VESA mount, its existing for a long time, its rock solid, it works. So does Apple use this professional mounting type on their professional monitor? noooooo, they use their own custom mounting slot, so in order to use any other stand or existing wall mount that uses the VESA (of course), you have to pay an extra $200 for a VESA mount for the monitor. Apple is nothing but pure cash grab these days, what a joke!
    Also whilst we're on the subject of comparing to the true Pro grade monitors that the likes of film companies use that cost many tens of thousands of dollars. Those ones like the Sony one are OLED, offering TRUE static high contrast, no backlight, far faster pixel response time and perfect viewing angles. This 5 grand apple monitor is still a backlit monitor, with all the drawbacks that entails. No comparison sorry. This entire shill review is a joke.

  7. Oh lord it's like you're preaching to the choir here. I've been saying the SAME THINGS to people on FB groups all over. I agree that the default config of the desktop 2019 Mac Pro is overpriced considering that you can build a PC at that price that will demolish it as a workstation. I also agree that launching the stand separately was a HUGE mistake, because all everyone keeps talking about is how Apple is charging $1K for a stand so they cannot be trusted for anything now.

    I'm not an Apple fan. I don't buy their hardware. BUT, I've seen their displays in person and I am very picky when it comes to my displays. I've always used Pro grade displays. I'm currently using an LG 4K Pro grade 27 inch display with an AS-IPS panel and I like it a lot. Great for content creation but fast enough for gaming too and even supports Freesync. My secondary monitor is an older but still great Dell Ultrasharp U2410, which uses an H-IPS panel that still outclasses many brand new panels today.

    I would love to own the Apple Pro XDR. But I haven't been able to convince anyone it's worth buying. Glad to see you made this video to argue the point. Well done.

  8. When apple has a very good product, nobody talks about it. When apple has a product that has lots of competition, everyone just says its garbage. Thats why nobody ever ever talks about imac, mac pro, the $999 stand 😁, apple watch,… Except ipad, people actually talk that its better

  9. People saying this display is stupid are just either jealous or showing how stupid they are. Pointblank. If I could, I would get one for my mother, who is a photographer. But it is just too expensive, and then I think it is immoral for me personally to try and start a Gofundme, because then we would also need a new graphics card, at that point it is just ridiculous. And there is no tragedy that would cause us to need new equipment, so…

  10. Apple has a phenomenal engineering team, what they can achieve is beyond me. But their marketing, is most likely full of old 70s and 80s marketers who don't know what the fuck they're doing. It's not very hard for Apple to return profit because of their sheer market share so they don't have to do much. I really doubt that a professional marketer would do something as fucking stupid as the thousand dollar stand controversy. I can't even imagine how that meeting went down.

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