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  1. dude. if your calling me geeky than what the fuckin hell are you fuckin super nerd. i skate. geeks dont skate board.

  2. hey make sure while you turning up with the grab you put slight pressure on X then jump it makes you jump alot better

  3. lol you pwn and here is a fun tip: at the end of the lvl get your board aimed up to the wall and jump then you CLIMB the wall lol

  4. o by the way
    did you know you could drop off a rail, ramp, whatever by pressing "ctrl"?
    it is quite useful on getting more stars

  5. it is impressive how fast you get through
    but as others say use ollies to do some back/front flips and board sliding(shift) for extra points! later one looks cool too!

  6. God man i hate how the phyisics of this game are just
    crapp dont u? like how u can fall if u slide on a rail from the tail end of ur board

    ITS called a tailblock-slide GOSH

    anywho ur vidoe was realy good i liked it

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