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  1. hey someone help me!I cant play this game now becaus I cant create a account(it says that every username I enter is in use,even gdfhafgagyapogy.help me!

  2. why is it when u lose all lives u click play again and it refreshes the hole page! how do u do that grind thing? i'll sub if u say

  3. i no a cheat and it is when you get big air press the buttens ramdonly and you can do super man no footers and over cool tricks

  4. hey phildenty u do slow grind by pressing shift key or the control key not really sure but u press the shift key or control key while on a rail.

  5. I didn't know CamStudio put a "Unregistered HyperCam 2" watermark on the video…

    Don't try to put someone down if you're going to leave yourself open for being put down too.

  6. STOP can you help me it's hard for me you did tricks like i did just tell me how do i beat this game just somebody tell me please thanks for listsoning Thank You

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