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TDF HIV Drug Lawsuits – Who has a valid claim?

TDF HIV drug lawsuits are mass tort claims against Gilead Sciences, Inc., the maker of several types of HIV pills. HIV drugs based on TDF can cause kidney damage and renal failure, as well as a decrease in bone density, osteoporosis, and broken bones. Despite the risks, the lawsuits claim that Gilead Sciences, Inc. failed to warn doctors and patients of the drug’s dangers, and even withheld a safer drug from the market in order to lengthen their patent protection and maximize their profits. The lawsuits seek punitive damages, as well as compensation for:

*Medical expenses,
*Lost wages,
*Pain and suffering, and
*Loss of consortium.

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  1. I have been on Atripla made by Gilead for the last several years. My arthritis has gotten so bad I've been put on pain killers. Had many xrays and MRI's from Carlsbad imaging center. Could this be caused by my Atripla? Don't know what to think..? Thank you for the information.

  2. Did he just say Truvada is used as a "retrovirus" to treat HIV? Does anyone want to school him and let him know that retrovirus is a category of viruses, not a drug?

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