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  1. Sam…. This game sounds good, though I'd be very interested in your thoughts about the expansions???? What is the price point?

  2. Bought the starter and 3 expansion packs (M-10 USA, Panzer IV and another Panther to be converted to Jagdpanther) a few days ago and I really like the feel of it. Expansions are affordable, models are easy and fun to assemble, a little more detailed than Axis minis models, for example, and there's some potential here for people who like to paint their minis (like I do. Almost done on the Panzer IV). Just hope that GF9 will sell enough of this game so that expansions keep coming.

  3. Seems like another miniature game where the starter set is laughably inadequate. I don't mind a game that has lots of expansions you can buy but I like the starter set to be better than this. I can't help but think of a very old game (sorry I'm an old timer) called Renegade Legion Centurion where you get a nice board, a lot of miniature tanks, and great rules. Thanks for the review!

  4. I have been waiting for Sam to review this game. I was on the fence, now probably going to get 2 x starter packs and a couple of expansions.

  5. Gung-ho works the opposite way, it doesn't debuff its own tanks xD
    The Panther would get one less defense dice from the Shermans movement, meaning the Shermans are good at moving and shooting. Not that they are easier to hit when they go full speed 😛

  6. I think you are doing that Panther attack roll wrong. Shouldn't it have been modified by the targets movement and/or the Panthers movement?

  7. This seems like a game for me to own. Its cheap, good looking, expandable, easy enough to play so I can play with casual people but not so simple that is boring. Nice review!

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