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Switching to the 2019 27 inch iMac |One Week Review|

Happy LATE LATE LATE Mother’s Day!
This iMac has been the best thing I’ve bought this year! Not a single issue since I started using it, even though I’ve been pushing to the max, by using most of the graphics it offers for video gaming and it’s processor for my 4k editing.
Please subscribe and help grow my channel. Currently I’m working on an iPhone X video, iPad Air video and an Apple Watch series 4 review. My vlogging will start soon as soon as I receive my GoPro Hero 7 with external gear in the mail. I’d hate if you missed it!
Tech Specs:
Music by:
Ryan Little – flew da coupe. –
MYSM – F cked Up Today –
Equipment used:
Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone
Sony HX-400
iPhone X
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  1. I don't know how many times I've bought a new computer and said, "I'll never use all that storage. " Data….uh, finds a way.

  2. Great review! That display looks amazing. I’ve been planning to get one of these and wondered how well the base model performed. Sounds like it’s doing well. Thanks and good luck with school.

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