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SUBNAUTICA: BELOW ZERO Gameplay Ep. 1 [Steam Early Access]

It’s time to dive back in to the frigid waters of Subnautica! The brand new expansion, Sub Zero, has been released today! Originally Livestreamed on 1/30/19.

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  1. Not liking this character, or the story. She's far too calm when she's captured and has data "downloaded" into her, literally has to question "you're inside my head", but somehow has the confidence to say the alien/robot voice is bluffing when he threatens to destroy the station. She doesn't even second guess that assumption. Why? Who the hell is this person? I thought she was supposed to be some kind of researcher. Not to mention the lack of real emotion when she first hears a building talk to her and know her name, she just matter of factly reacts to it.

    Maybe my impressions are colored knowing the director "fights for representation" and was "sad" that he made the first game's main character male, and made this a female to "fix it". But it doesn't come off naturally at all, and just as an attempt to make her 'bad ass'. Especially when compared to the first game and how it handled the player character. A character that as far as I know, had no actual character and could've been anything or anyone and the game would be 100% the same.

    Actually reminds me of Space Jam, and how nobody reacts like a human being in it. Jordan's pulled into a golf hole and they're just like "I guess that happened. What do you want for dinner?" His wife doesn't seem to care he's gone missing, or his kids. The kids have some reaction to cartoons being real, but it's so subdued that it isn't believable. But at least it's more than the nothing everyone else gives. At best Debra is disgusted by aliens in a trench coat since she thinks it's a dude masturbating. But… when that person dissolves into blobs that go along the floor and enter some of the players who then have seizures… nobody notices, or cares. Just keep playing, I'm sure your seizure is fine, you don't need medical attention at all. I could go on… what a mess that movie is. Has not aged well at all.

    That shared uterus joke for exposition was pretty lame too.

  2. This is fucking typical, playing as some boring ass human. Why not play as an advanced, space fearing, alien penguin race in 3rd person view like crash or spyro or something. HUMANS ARE BORING!

  3. Not sure how I feel about the communications you're getting this time around since I liked the isolation in the first game, but I guess we'll see how it goes

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