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  1. I hope Sony have stock wallpapers with their phones considering well… they are a conglomerate for entertainment, video cameras, audio products etc
    I miss their personal stock before they integrated with Android UI
    Former Owner: Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Z5 Premium, XZ, XZ Premium

  2. been using sony smartphone since w205 model its good until i used xperia L. now im using xperia XA1 PLUS. and regrets with my decision.. sony is the worst nowadays. shame on sony management these days!

  3. Sony phones are more durable compared to all others…after Apple I think Sony comes next in making durable & premium phones, u hardly find any issues after using for years

  4. I brought the xperia 5 today , I would like to clear up something about the motor sensor issue , rather than hitting the side , actually it's located at the edge of the round corner and you will just need a slight tap to activate it. That will take some practice , and eventually that will activate correctly as you wish. I must say that this phone is very smooth and I like it very much. Although you will have to be careful as everything is made of glass. For the sound on headphone jack , I wonder if there is a external dac inside the phone , the sound is quite impressive and it's better than I thought. Also , the Dobly Atmos is just for you to feel the impact of the sound through your fingers , it's fun to have something like this on hand. Finally , gaming on this phone surprises me a little , at first I thought this phone will gonna be very warm when playing high resolution games , but it turns out to be aright. Still , no headphone jack…..might take some time to get used to it.

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