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Sleeping Dogs (former True Crime) – Announcement Trailer (Square Enix, United Front Games)

This is probably the best and most beautiful day of my gaming life… I can’t thank you enough Square Enix for helping United Front Games on this project!

This is the phenomenal official announcement trailer for ”Sleeping Dogs”, which once was named ”True Crime: Hong Kong”

I hobe you all like it! Don’t forget to subscribe to Sleeping Dogs’ YouTube channel:

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Copyright belongs to Square Enix and United Front Games!!


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  1. Lol well yeah sounds like a plan. Watchout they think they know what its like to actaully hold a gun oh wait. Those are call of duty skills they say. HAHAHA

  2. im so buying this game. I couldnt believe they cancelled thinking the game wont be good next to grand theft auto. Yeah Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming but im getting tired of Grand Theft Auto honestly.

  3. yeah man i was really bummed out that they dropped True crime Hong Kong. But look at all that money they keep dragging in from the shit call of duty games. They said oh we dont think it will turn out 2 be good. yeah I know True crime new york wasnt the best sequel but it was still fun. But yeah like u said if all activsion wants 2 depend is call of doodoo then they arent goona get any creative minds to come to their studios. all just putting up war games. BBBBOOORRRIIIINNGGGG.

  4. @Wadeyboy1345 sorry man, it's just on every sleeping dogs trailer that been posted on to YouTube, has someone trying to be funny by cracking a joke about the graphics

  5. @43110clyde Whoa what the fuck is with the negativity it's just a joke. I am excited about this game as much as the next guy, in fact this trailer really hypes me up for it… so just chill

  6. I am so freaking ready man I did a little research and found out some activities we will be able to do! Wei can perform side-missions called Cop Jobs in which he has to wear special riot police gear so the Triads don't recognise him, and rescue hostages, provide back up and other noble deeds. You can go to karaoke bars, boat gambling parlours, fight clubs, mah-jong, races, massage parlours (with happy endings that offer a health buff), girls you can take on dates and cock fighting

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