Posted on: January 4, 2020 Posted by: admin Comments: 25

Sleeping Dogs Developer Shuts Down – GS News Update

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has closed its doors, a source close to the studio tells GameSpot. The Vancouver-based studio was in the midst of developing Smash + Grab, an Early Access game on Steam that featured players ransacking stores and looting items.

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25 People reacted on this

  1. sleeping dogs is best game for ever story, Graphic, Action, Adventure game this is sad news to shut down united front game

  2. They had 2 super huge, cult-following IP's to make games for. ModNation Racers (which I'm a fan of), and Sleeping Dogs, neither got sequels not much attention after release. What a damn shame.

  3. Man forget sleeping dogs the real ones were the people who played mod nation racers one of the best racing games in my opinion I really was hoping for a second one for ps4 or a reboot

  4. Huh, was really looking forward to Smash + Grab.
    The world really hates gritty team brawlers lately. Nobody bought Anarchy Reigns and Let It Die is f2p which is a gamble on high budget stuff with minimal marketing.

  5. Sleeping dogs sucked. It wasn't even true open world, since a lot of the map is inaccessible like the mountain area.

  6. I live in Vancouver and would not be surprised at all if it was due to rent…this city is unbelievably expensive to live in.

  7. Well this blows… already know what's going to happen. Someone else will get the rights for Sleeping Dogs 2 and make the sequel a decade from now, it will be overhyped and disappoint us all. 🙁

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