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Samsung SPACE Monitor Review – Gimmick or Game Changer? | The Tech Chap

Samsung SR75 Space Monitor REVIEW – a 27-inch, 1440p, 144hz monitor with a unique clamp stand and adjustable hinge! Is the Space Monitor a gimmick or worth buying? Check it out:

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  1. How do you turn on the HDR? Needing to know because my ps4 says that this monitor doesnt support HDR so I cant turn on my Hdr on the ps4 either

  2. it's for those gamers who sit 2 inches from their screen and keep hitting their monitor stand with their keyboard or have to use it in an awkward position to be able to have the screen really close.

  3. Hi, do you know if I can secure the monitor to the table, 10 cm thick, if I connect the block with the last two screws?

  4. 400 for that trash? Samsung products used to be reasonably priced, now they think they’re Apple. Unfortunately their products are way inferior, same with lg.

  5. i want to use my mac with an external monitor for photo editing, what would you recommend? my Imac monitor is damaged and i cant really work on it, so im using an old monitor at the moment but it doesnt give me the right Dynamic Range of colors.

  6. Wish it would work with my wall mounted desk because I want the LG Ultrafine 4k but it's too expensive then I stubbled upon this in Best Buy for $250 and you get a $50 gift card rebate but then it's of course not compatible with my desk and doesn't have usb c.

  7. Appreciate the review. I was in the market for something like this. But the lack of features seems like it's not the best fit for me, and it's lack of VESA for any future uses makes it a headscratcher of a product.

    Are there any stands out there like this one that can sit flush with a wall?

  8. I had it for a few months and had problems with it going black and going fuzzy Best Buy or Samsung has not given me any support.
    Been trying to troubleshoot it. but it happens so randomly I think it's the power supply. Advice please

  9. My desk is flush to the wall. So this is useless. This is no different from a.monitor with best mount. Actually it's a bit worst than that.

  10. Guys, it's totally worth it. I bought this exact 27 inch 1440p 144hz monitor and its amazing. As a person who loves design, it also looks and feels great!

  11. Anyone has the monitor?
    i would like to know when the monitor is fully extended on the table?
    What is the maximum length it will take up?

  12. Why does some pictures show essentially NO bezel (ok, ok, like 1 mm) on this, whereas in this video the bezel looks… normal-sized!??!

    Ooooh, ok. Thats a fake bezel, basically. Argh.

  13. You can get around the lip issue by filling the negative space with a block of scrap wood trimmed to shape (or any hard material really). I've run into same issue with other clamp type arms. Might not be best if you surface butts against a window?

  14. too bad both modelsdont have any form of Freesync at all. dont say "its not a gaming monitor" 1. all monitor should have A sync. and 2nd…its 144hz.

  15. students. This is great for students. My monitor atm takes so much space on my desk that I can't have my papers 100% on the desk

  16. It's not really a space saving monitor, but rather a space saving stand. The monitor being perfectly flush with it doesn't really matter much at all.

    Why don't they just sell the stand with vesa mounting and rotation?

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