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Samsung Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test Comparison

The ULTIMATE Camera comparison – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus / Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro. The scoring system is as follows:
1. This test is split into many different categories, for example “Ultra-wide video quality” or “low-light zoom photography”
2. Each category is assigned an importance rating out of 10, for example, “daylight photography”, which gets a 10, is far more important for most people than “Zoomed video in Low-light”, which gets a 2
3. Within each category, each phone gets a score out of 10 for how good it is in that category.
4. The number of points a phone gets in each category = Importance of category x Score in that category. For example, if the Huawei P30 Pro scored 5/10 in a category that’s 5/10 in importance, then The P30 Pro’s score for this category would be 5 x 5 = 25 points.
The categories (and their importance) are as follows:
Standard wide angle video quality – 7
Ultra-wide video – 3
Zoom video – 4
Live focus video – 2
Audio Zoom – 1
4K Stabilisation – 5
1080p Stabilisation – 5
Slow Motion – 4
Daytime photos – 10
Ultra-wide photos – 5
Zoom photos – 5
Macro photos – 3
Portrait mode – 5
Low-light video – 5
Low-light ultra-wide video – 2
Low-light zoom video – 3
Low-light video stabilisation- 3
Low-light photos – 7
Low-light ultra-wide photos- 3
Low-light zoom photos – 3
Flash quality / brightness – 3
Low-light selfies – 4
Daytime selfies -6
Front camera video – 5
Audio quality – 7
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  1. I really don't get it why LG V30, 40, 50 series doesn't fit in those comparisons . I have sound zoom on video and cinematic mode on filming videos since 2017
    LG V30

  2. iPhone XS is more Color Accurate take more Details on the pictures than the two!? Note10 and p30 are both wash out over processed! iPhone Are King of 4k Videos!! iPhone XS weakness are super dark scenarios!

  3. Only subscribed for the iPhone 11 but I should have subscribed long ago love your. I have watched 6 now. I hope I win. Big fan of iPhone

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