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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – CAMERA Review! | The Tech Chap

I’m testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Note 10+) vs iPhone XS Max to find out which Phone has the best CAMERA! I compare Photos, Videos, Portraits, Selfies & Night Mode shots in New York city to find out!
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  1. Hi chaps! I always welcome your feedback and happy if you disagree with my conclusions, but I hope you find it useful overall! (Do let me know how I can improve these camera comparison though!)

  2. The only thing that I didn’t like from the note 10+ camere is it makes your skin paler i prefer the colors on the iphone. Nonetheless both looked really great i can’t choose which is better.

  3. I thought my camera was acting weird. It actually was taking worse camera photos than my black shark 2. GCam fixed that real quick. Hell idk why its hard for samsung to take notes from xiaomi and throw a 48mp cam in a phone since we are paying alot. Along with that, an MI 9 is cheaper than a note 10

  4. I just got the note 10 and although I like the pic better on the note over iPhone… I hate how the note softens the skin and you lose all detail. When u zoom it just little u can see it. Hope it's fixed in a future patch

  5. No matter how better samsung does in their cameras, these videos still are tottaly biased! Note's cam did a way better job, but always " i preffer iphne cuz it''s more natural". There is a mode on note camera where u can change it.

    Iphans: iphone is smoothier, its good.
    : samsung is smoothier, it's bad.
    Loool, come on tell the truth! Since S9, samsung cameras are just destroying iphone's.

  6. Basically note 10 cameras turns up the saturation to catch people’s eyes, whereas iPhones tries to remain realistic. I personally prefer iPhone because I like to adjust the colours by myself.

  7. I will choose iphone anytime for photos. The dynamic range &lowlight of note is very good and yes the wide angle is also an advantage. But in my case I use my camera for portraits most of the time and iphone gives the way better photos of people than samsung. It has very good details and much pleasing skin tone that gives better look and looks more natural. The skin smoothing on Samsung devices ruins the photos. The dynamic range and the background might be better on samsung but when zoomed on face iphone looks way way better. The portraits(i mean about photo of people not portrait mode) on iphone looks comparable to dslr (i Don't mean that it can compete with dslr. It just looks similar in good condition) while the Samsung photos an be easily identified that it is from a mobile phone. For the photo of landscape or objects Samsung might give better photos than iphone but i rarely do that. So my choice is iphone any day.

  8. i have the note 10 plus and the selie camera is not good at all . the video shooting is great m but the samsung a 70 selfie camera is much better than the note 10 plus , am i doing something wrong ? do u recommend to convert to oppo reno for a better selfie ????

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