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Sam Harris- Game, Set, Match.

‘BBC Horizon – The Secret You’ –
Sam Harris makes a fantastic point! If physical damage to the brain can alter our perception of the world, why are there still people who believe that their perception is somehow separate from their physical body and will float away to somewhere else when they die?
I recently had a mormon missionary approach me with his religion and when I asked him this, he was utterly unable to respond.

‘Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream. Happiness means you’re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.’
Jed Mckenna


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  1. Harris makes no point at all here. He's trying to relate apples to oranges. He talks about brain damage then tries to relate that to the soul.
    But what does it really matter to him what anyone believes will happen to them when they die? Doesn't he believe that we are just cosmic star dust anyways?
    He is just another atheist who wants free will while asking God to do something about all the evil in the world. But he doesn't even know what evil is in his world view. He has no OBJECTIVE moral standard to call anything good or bad.

  2. I claim a form of immortality by convincing people I have successfully developed time travel. I light fireworks in my closet then exit dressed as either a Roman or Viking. Occasionally, I wrap myself in tinfoil and pretend I'm a cyborg!

  3. i just love see commentary section on sam harris videos, atheist army becoming veeery religious and worshipping Sam as a God, whatever he says you guys have orgasms, thats a fuckin cult, even worse than religion….If you were real and true atheists you wouldnt even think about God/no God subject, you are so fuckin insecure so you need some well spoken guy to tell you some bullshit so you can feel better in your own skin…if you REALLY think there is NOTHING beyond this world, 6 senses, 4 walls, 3 dimensions, if thats IT, why the fuck you watch hours of this guy and comment here?! If there is no God, calm the fuck down and chill, you have nothing to worry…dont be so obvious in showing your fear of old white bearded guy up there in the clouds;)

  4. Dr Werner Gitt, director and professor of the German
    Federal  institute of Physics and
    Technology (now retired) – head of the department of information
    technology  states – “ There is no known
    natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is any
    physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this”


    Anything MATERIAL, such as physical/chemical processes,
    cannot create something non-material.

    INFORMATION is a non-material fundamental entity and not a
    property of matter.

    Information requires a material medium for storage and

    Information CANNOT originate in statistical processes.

    There can be no information without a CODE.

    All codes result from an intentional choice and agreement
    between Sender and Recipient.

    The determination of meaning FOR and FROM a set of symbols
    is a mental process that requires INTELLIGENCE.

    There can be no new information without an intelligent,
    purposeful sender.

    Any given chain of information can be traced back to an
    intelligent source.

    Information comprises the non material foundation for all :
    Technological systems, works of art, biological systems.


    Information has no mass – it’s ethereal. If you have one
    book on a disc or ten trillion. It does not increase the mass of the disc. If
    you use DVD medium, it actually burns away mass. Making it lighter on a
    sensitive scale. Information is not the physical medium. It can be spoken.
    Transmitted in sound waves. “Let there be light”



    Apobetics – intended purpose to achieved result.

    Pragmatic – expected action to implemented action.

    Semantics – communicated idea to understood meaning.

    Syntax – code employed to understood code.

    Statistics – transmitted signal to received signal.


    The sender transmits to the receiver. In most cases you will
    never see the sender. Books have authors and they transmit the information via
    the medium of print. The print never self generated. We know there is an author
    when we read.


    Since the DNA code of all life forms is CLEARLY WITHIN the
    definition domain of information, WE CONCLUDE THERE MUST BE A SENDER.


    It’s a very important conclusion. If someone would say Life
    comes into being without a sender, w can say from the viewpoint of law of
    nature/sender it is a wrong idea – totally wrong idea –  Atheism is a wrong idea. (Werner Gitt)


         must be a sender.

         the density and complexity of the DNA encoded information is billions of
         times greater than man’s present technology, we conclude the SENDER must
         be supremely intelligent. A being of infinite knowledge. Omniscient.

    Knowing the
    past, present and future – all knowledge in all realms. 

         sender must be purposeful and supremely powerful.

         information is a non-material fundamental entity and cannot originate from
         material quantities, we conclude the sender must have a none-material
         component (spirit) . (Spirit may be outside the four dimensions )


    Since – Biological information
    only can originate from an intelligent sender and, all theories of Chemical and
    biological evolution requires the information must solely originate from mass
    and energy alone (no sender ), we conclude all theories or concepts of chemical
    and biological evolution are false! 
    (professor Gitt)

    Evolution is an impossible
    process.  Anyone who disagrees with these
    laws and conclusions must falsify them by demonstrating the INITIAL ORIGIN of
    information from PURELY MATERIAL SOURCES.

    INFORMATION refutes the
    assumption of scientific materialism and the theories of chemical and
    biological evolution. (The alternative is God and some people cannot handle
    God, he is outside their comfort zone).


    73 percent to 94 percent of the
    DNA molecule is decoded by the cell – This goes against the theories of
    evolution which has you believe its all junk DNA. Another false belief and lie
    that has been revealed with time.


    WHO is the sender? Creator?
    Information is needed. Which God is most likely? Thor? Not very likely. Zeus is
    dated to 1500 BC. The bible started 6000 years ago? It’s a good place to start.
    Only the Hindu religion can compete. 
    Which book is layered with meta codes like DNA. This is the bible. The
    Hebrew language has two meanings. It’s alphabet is very unique. Sir Isaac
    Newton studied this book all his life. Knowing Hebrew and Greek. He
    deconstructed every term in the bible and gave definitions to every character
    and process. He might have spent more time on the bible than in his scientific
    studies. He wrote a million words on two books of the bible Daniel and
    Revelation. These are prophecy heavy books. Newton has a reputation of being a
    Uniterian. His motives are his, but he knew the bible was a book and a mystery
    to be solved. Blaise Pascal said the bible was a cipher. If you examine the
    bible, the bible examines you too. It accuses you. It peels you like an onion.  This is why atheists hate it. In their minds
    if the bible is true then they believe they have to stop sinning. They have to
    accept the ultimate authority of God. They imagine they live in a world with
    freedom. With rights.

    The humanist view of man as the
    ultimate authority. A ridiculous notion when the atheist talks about asteroids
    destroying dinosaurs. The same fate awaits all humanity in this view. There is
    no escaping annihilation of the species? 

    An  acceptance of reality – of being guilty and
    sinful is what God wants from us. To be accountable for our actions. You run
    from God because he sees you as you are. Many people are concerned with how
    they seem to others. They put up a front. They create new identities and
    personas for themselves. They are imaginary types. On a large scale – Lady
    Gaga. David Bowie.. Many people chose a different name. Their own being
    insufficient. This renaming is done by Covens too. A new baptism. Some people
    have to dress up – fancy dress to stand out. Affectation. Blue hair? Being
    yourself is not enough. Being true to yourself is boring.  Liars need masks. Confusion. They bluff their
    way through life.  The great bluff is
    evolution. It’s an excellent bluff and it’s lasted a hundred years. It allows
    the atheist to sleep at night. There is another explanation why they are here.
    Avoidance of God seems smart. It’s not. The bill is in the mail. There is no
    court case. No legal recourse if you get this wrong. You had your whole life to
    know God. To open a dialogue.

    You chose instead to find others
    that believe as you do? The bible says you have no excuse a simpleton can look
    around and see God in creation. You believe luck is yours. There is no such
    beast as luck. Everything is known. Intelligence does not lead to salvation. A
    paralysed man can be saved. A mentally challenged man can be saved and An
    intelligent man can be saved. All are equal. High IQ does not save you. Growing
    up the example of a man with a high IQ in the UK was Jimmy Saville. A notorious
    paedophile. Who died without any convictions. He was smart. He had his own way
    all his life without impingement. He had friends in high places. He had
    protection. God is waiting at the end of life and we have our court case now.
    He sees you as you are. Not as you imagine yourself to be.

  5. Yes thank you sam for saving us from ourselves I know there is nothing in this for you and all boils down to concern for your fellow man and has absolutely nothing to do with all the money your making of the back of people looking for atheistic inspiration to justify their worldview in front of their thiest, Deist, ignostic friends. Have you made leader yet I haven't seen any white smoke, sorry black smoke. Hail sam when do you feel the masterpiece will be ready please say soon we need something new and fresh that pest ravi zacharias took the shine off your letter to a Christian nation and the end of faith but hopefully he is done now he is a bit older than you. Looking forward to it cause that nusance of a bible still hasn't gone away either. All hope for humanity rests on you.Ps I love you.

  6. While I don't really believe in consciousness as an external factor, but, for example, if I break the speakers on my smartphone, does this mean spotify is no longer streaming music?

  7. I find it funny how religious people say Christians…a loving grandma or mother is dying of cancer say and they are all praying to God to make them healthy and get rid of the cancer and all sad etc..YET they say they love Jesus and want to be with Jesus. They say this earth is nothing this is just the stepping stone to a greater being…well then stop the f-ing crying and boo hoo shit…be happy! Dont get medical attention!

  8. But you can damage a TV in various areas and it will distort how the signals coming threw,however the signal itself isn't gone nor destroyed it's just being distorted by the destruction of particular areas of the TV. Wonder what Sam's response would be to this analogy.

  9. I will not give up my freedom of inquiry and I will not abandon my critical faculties because of Sam H. and Hitchens.
    If you have not read their books or "The Selfish Gene" by Dawkins I certainly hope you do.
    YouTube videos are a poor substitute for the written words of these eloquent men.

  10. Judaism actually doesn't care much for an afterlife. There is no direct equivalent to heaven nor hell. The earliest sects of what became the Jewish faith actually subscribed to the ideal of eternal oblivion. In the modern day most of us believe in reincarnation of the soul.

  11. With all due respect… Sam is failing to make a convincing case of how to differentiate between software and hardware. By what experiment could I actualy comfirm his claim. (Brain is only hardware, no software)… Please note I am not arguing for existance of soul or the afterlife. But rather I am observing this from a point of view of a computer scientist.

  12. Materialism is an idea. It's the idea that all there is is knowable by empirical science. But ideas are immaterial. If ideas were just another physical part of the universe, we'd be programmed to think certain thoughts and we'd have no way of saying whether these thoughts were true. To say that your idea is true is to say that you are not bound by the thing you're judging. Materialists judge that we don't have a mind separate from our body, but to successfully judge that, they'd have to have a mind separate from their body. Besides, there are unlimited possible ideas we can have, but material is limited by definition; our brains couldn't fit an infinity of thoughts. Don't be fooled by bad philosophical arguments coming from a skilled scientist. Metaphysics is not physics.

  13. Science DOES presuppose (at least on some major level) materialism. The after life is not something empirically provable, since it doesn’t rest on materialism, so I️ don’t see how science could ever concern itself with it.

  14. I usually love Sam Harris but his argument has a huge logical gap in it. He can't even see it. He is a smart guy, so this blindness is probably from prejudice rather than stupidity.

  15. The weak point in this argument is the following: Putting on glasses can change our perceptions enormously, even effectively blinding us, but this doesn't mean our essential essence is altered. The brain is a mechanism through which our soul sees the world. Damaging it naturally effects our 'sight'. But it doesn't logically follow that the brain = the entity doing the seeing.

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