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Day 5 on the top Gear tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tours! We head north on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, halfway through our 10 day adventure and after endless corners, mountain passes and a day off exploring caves, today is more relaxed as we ride across the Ho Chi Minh Trail plains. Good morning Vietnam. A quick recap, yesterday we took a break from the bikes here in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, one of the most scenic parts of Vietnam with world famous cave systems. We jumped on a Vietnam Motorbike Tours boat to check it all out and popped into an underground river in one of the caves. Magical stuff. But the bikes are restless, so it’s yet another buffet breakfast before our slave driver and ride leader, Bao, issues the order. And we are off to see the real Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam. You can see on the Vietnam Motorbike Tours map we are sticking to the plains today but with mountain ranges either side of us. So after so many corners and mountain ranges it’s actually a pleasant change riding broad sweepers and plenty of straights today, but still with some great scenery as the mountain ranges flow past us on both sides here on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

I must admit I thought 10 days or road riding with Vietnam Motorbike Tours was going to get kind of boring when I’m more into dirt riding, but it’s the constant changes in the type of riding and terrain that make every day so different. One of our support crew mentioned that even after all these years they keep tweaking and fine tuning the tours based on feedback from the riders. Speaking of feedback, we have heard from Toby Price for a while. Apparently the guys do have turn some people away from doing the Vietnam Motorbike Tours. While Vietnam is one of the safest Asian countries to visit, the Ho Chi Minh Trail roads are unpredictable and there are so many tight corners in the mountains the guys insist on plenty of rider experience. So if someone has just got their licence, or not ridden for decades, they’ll just say sorry mate. And it makes a lot of sense. I’ve got around seven years of road riding under my belt and way more as a dirt rider. And while the speeds are never high there were plenty of moments I was glad to have that experience. And now a word from our politically incorrect, culturally inappropriate sponsor of Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Heading for a great little spot for lunch today, we’ll be parking on a dam wall, the Vietnam Motorbike Tours guys will cook us up the usual lunch and then a quick boat trip to check out a tea farm. In the distance? Water buffalo so we send the drone over to check them out. These are often called the tractors of the east. For five thousand years they’ve been used for transport, ploughing fields… and oddly enough authentic mozarella cheese is always made from buffalo milk. So pizza joints are popping up all over Vietnam using properly made mozarella. Who woulda thunk it? Loving these little out of the way spots on the Ho Chi Minh Trail for a Vietnam Motorbike Tours lunch. Our guys cook for us just in case we get sick eating the local grub, but we pay the locals back by buying lots of drinks from them. A pleasant boat trip across the dam to check out a tea farm. It’s kind of cool doing these little side trips and not seeing any other western tourists. It’s the vietnamese new year so these are all just locals out for the day and they are surprised but very happy to see all these tall white people in their midst. Despite their weird hats. Woohoo, straight roads. Great chance to relax with Vietnam Motorbike Tours and enjoy the scenery. We will back into mountains and endless corners again tomorrow.

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A big thanks to Youtubers Seven Cinematic, Only Free Stock Footage, JW, and The Travelling Dukes who offered their Vietnam drone footage under the Creative Commons License.

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  1. Excellent vid Barry. I've really enjoyed your series on Vietnam. Such a beautiful country. You even got my wife interested in visiting and doing a motorcycle tour. This muppet shall travel…

  2. Thanks for another great installment of your Vietnam Adventures. So right about the tone changing every thing. When I first got to Vietnam I was invited to a local wedding. I said hello in my best Vietnamese to everyone I met. Found out later I had told everyone I was hungry. Dooh.

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